Blogging Bridges the Communication Gap Between Clients & You

Start Blogging With Rev Marketing 2 U

One of the biggest progressions of the 21st Century has been the ability to communicate information from one another at lightning fast pace utilizing the magnificent technology known as the Internet (Maybe you’ve heard of it?). Over the past decade, small businesses have discovered the benefit of blogging as a medium to communicate with their new & future clients, leading to much success. FUN FACT: businesses that utilize blogs receive 67% more leads than those that do not. So you may ask yourself what exactly are the benefits of blogging for your business and can I get them established if I don’t already have them – Continue on to find out.

Everyone blogs. You. Your friends. That one acquaintance with the cat that has way too much time on their hands. Even your grandparents can utilize streamlined services like Facebook or Instagram to post about how adorable you look in every picture. The point is there is a unifying system of this century that everyone can understand, relate to, and utilize at ease – BLOGS. It’s actually shown that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to enjoy positive ROI (Return on Investment) with clients than those that do not. I mean that is a huge margin of impact and all it takes is expanding your presence and communication through blogging.

The second a consumer visit your website and sees your unique blog, they begin to form a relationship with your business. Every time you post a quality blog, the client will revisit your site; not only growing committed to the information you provide, but ultimately gaining respect for your expertise with that product or service and the website as whole. Thus begins a bridge of communication in pulling that client towards investing in your business, a tactic that has shown to be effective. While the notion that blogs are a form of communication seems preposterous a few decades ago, by 2020 studies show that customers will manage 85% of their relationships without actual, physical communication. It is vital to get on board with the immediacy and impact of blogs now, so that your business can flourish and attract a larger demographic of clientele.

So how do you get started with blogging? Well this is where RevMarketing2U comes in to help optimally impact your online presence through our Autoblog marketing platform. Utilizing Autoblog, we can allow you to post to upwards of 100 Search Engine Marketing (SEM) sites with one click. Posting on your custom website will propel your blog to all areas of the web so it can be found by potential clients. At RevMarketing2U, we understand the importance of blogs and the time that goes into making quality posts. As a business owner you may not have time to keep up with your own blog, which has led to you shrugging off posting to it. That’s where we come in – RevMarketing2U will roll out the red carpet and create blog syndication where we post quality, SEO content to your blog in various intervals. That way you can focus on delivering the high standard product or service to your clientele that you are known for. We encourage you to contact us today to see how we can help ignite your businesses online performance one blog post at a time!