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Online Brand Development from RevMarketing2UName brand recognition is frequently developed through years of consumer branding activities. In the past, most of the activity focused on offline activities such as mailers, commercials, and in-store promotions taking years to build the brand. Over the past ten to fifteen years, creating brand recognition has evolved to include website development, email messaging, mobile apps, social media and website optimization, and can take much less time to build. Rev Marketing 2 U is a unique company that brings success to businesses looking for online marketing success and to create the brand quickly within their communities.

“The biggest challenge facing marketers is creating name brand recognition without inundating the consumer, and thus alienating the consumer” states Rev Marketing 2 U President Tracy Thomas. One of the easiest ways to create name brand recognition is to design a customized business marketing website to utilize appropriate search engine optimization, or SEO. By creating an opportunity to easily find a website, a product or service is more closely associated with the name brand. A great example of this concept is Google. When consumers are looking for an item on the Internet, the phrase most commonly used is “Google it”.

The benefit of name brand recognition in the Google example is clear. Consumers identify an Internet search as requiring Google, more Internet traffic flows through Google, and the advertising revenue sustains the company. Additionally, as the name brand grows, Google has opportunities to expand the brand into different channels, such as phones, licensing of data, and certification courses for Google-specific skills like AdWords.

There are many benefits to utilizing a brand image in conjunction with name brand recognition. One of the more frequently used examples of this is Apple. Or, the Nike swoosh. Nike and Apple have achieved a level of name brand recognition that doesn’t require their name to be written for consumers to recognize the name brand. It’s a beneficial relationship for both the consumer and the company -– the consumer can easily relay to others his ability to purchase a name brand item, and the company gets free advertising since its logo is prominently displayed on the product or service related items.

The importance of designing a website and adding a company an image, or logo, is that it creates a psychological connection between the product or service and the company. Rev Marketing 2 U’s President, Tracy Thomas states; “When consumers purchase based on name brand recognition, they are aligning themselves with what the company supports”. Many name brands have worked through a crisis communication plan due to the unintended damage the company’s activities may have on the consumer demographic.

The consumer demographic frequently drives the projected rate of product adoption. Sales numbers tell a company how well the name brand is doing within a target demographic and whether an opportunity to expand into other channels exists. Expansion of a name brand into new product lines is clearly beneficial to the company, in that the name brand recognition will translate into increased sales of the new product as consumers buy a name brand that is familiar to them. The primary benefit of creating name brand recognition, and a logo to work in tandem with the name brand, is the emotional investment consumers attach to the name brand. Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. offers all business’ a FREE name brand recognition consultation, including a website and SEO evaluation.

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