The Winners Circle

April 2015

Owners Matthew and Kimberly Opsitos are excited to share their passion for teaching martial arts to students of all backgrounds and ability levels. The physical and mental benefits of studying martial arts, combined with a fun and challenging class structure make ATA Martial Arts a great discipline for both children and adults.


Mr. Matthew Opsitos is Owner and Chief Instructor at Wexford ATA. He is a Third degree black belt and certified instructor in Songahm Taekwondo. He is a 2010 and 2012 ATA Pennsylvania men’s state champion and a two-time bronze medalist in the 2012 ATA World Championships. Protech Certified Joint Lock Manipulations. Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Slippery Rock University( 1991 ).

Mrs. Kimberly Opsitos is Co-Owner and Instructor at Wexford ATA. She is a Third degree black belt and certified instructor in Songahm Taekwondo. She is a 2012 ATA Pennsylvania women’s state champion and a 2012 ATA Top Ten Finalist in weapons. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood from Slippery Rock University( 1994 ), Mrs. Opsitos specializes in working with our younger students and coordinating our children’s programs and activities. She has also been very involved in home schooling their three children for the past 11 years.
Our experience with Rev Marketing 2 U has been very positive. Since our relationship started in 2014, Go2karate® has helped dozens of families to find our martial arts school and begin their training with us.

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Opsitos
Wexford ATA
Wexford, Pennsylvania

March, 6 2015

There are VERY few people in the Industry who really know how to truly leverage the marketing power of the internet. Even fewer yet, who can actually execute the plan. Tracy Thomas and his team at “Rev Marketing 2 U” are the real deal. There is an awful lot of REALLY bad advice and shoddy services in our industry, especially when it comes to internet marketing. But Tracy Thomas and his team of developers are true professionals who are delivering REAL results for their clients. Whether you need a website that delivers new prospective students to your door, online marketing services (SEO, SEM, Pay Per Click Management etc…) or social couponing (Groupon, Living Social, Amazon Local etc…), Rev Marketing 2 U are now our “go to guys”. The Rev Marketing 2 U team have “cracked the code” on getting traffic to your site, and getting it converted into intros and paying students. I’m HIGHLY recommending the Rev Marketing 2 U systems for any business owner.

T. Milroy

February, 6 2015


We are a family fun entertainment center providing safe fun for kids, teens and adults looking to build bonds with the family. We host corporate events, youth church groups and end of the season sports parties. Most of all we host birthday parties. Our party packages allow the customers to customize their package to fit their needs. We have great reviews in all of our parties. People return year after year.Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 1.09.43 PM

Rev Marketing has been the best ROI marketing LazerRush has done in its eight years of operation. We’ve increased our internet visibility allowing new customers to easily find us. Our number of birthday parties had a huge increase of 61% over our 2013 numbers with the revenues jumping up by 70% because of upsells and add-ons to the the parties. This increase is giving LazerRush the opportunity to expand, making our facility over 10,000 sq. ft. of family fun.

Newport News, VA

January 19, 2015

South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers AssociationSDP&PMA

“I am a Geological Engineer who runs South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association, a non-profit association for gas station owners, bulk fuel and propane marketers, and petroleum and propane wholesalers who have businesses in the state of South Dakota. All members are independent business men and women who rely on the association to help them comply with state and federal rules and regulations which govern this very diverse industry. I am their liaison with state and federal government officials, state agencies, and Congressional representatives from South Dakota. I am their voice at the state Capitol and with Congress. Because all of my members are small town marketers, they need a place to get assistance when they have questions. I accomplish this through a newsletter, publications from our federal associations, and many other sources.

Rev Marketing 2 U was the perfect solution for me to be able to have a central location for members to access not only current information, but past documents that they could review. The personnel at RM2U built a fantastic website that is user friendly and easy for me to administer. I am an engineer but of the “rock” variety, so I am not very computer literate. Rev Marketing 2 U has assisted me from the very beginning by designing an awesome logo that reflects my association, then continuing through the building of an amazing website with a visually stunning layout. It is easy for me to post to and easy for my members to find all the information they need.

And Rev Marketing 2 U provides continuing education for their customers through webinars on website technology as changes are made and applications evolve. They are always helpful and professional. I would highly recommend them (and have) to anyone who wants a professional, visually appealing, and well-designed website.

Thanks RM2U!”

Dawna L.
South Dakota Petroleum and Propane Marketers Association
Pierre, South Dakota

Marketing Matters

April 2015

Marketing Fads Come and Marketing Fads GO.

Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Customized Email Marketing Campaigns STAY! By Tracy Thomas Email marketing is without doubt, one of the oldest techniques of internet marketing. And the fact that the technique has sustained for so long, is proof enough of its effectiveness. However, should you need more reasons to engage in this immensely effective form of marketing, here are a few:

Global reach

Emails are used by 95 percent of all people around the world, who use the Internet. They are therefore, a great way to deliver daily deals, special offers, ads and other marketing content to global audiences. Would that be possible if you wanted to use the postal service? Not really.

Immediate reach

People may or may not visit your website or online store everyday. But they sure do visit their email inboxes frequently, if not everyday. Marketing messages communicated through email are viewed by people immediately, whether they’re commuting to or from work, sitting in a boring meeting or taking some time off work.


Setting up an email marketing campaign is as fast and easy, as the campaign itself is effective. It is also cheaper than other strategies like TV or billboard advertisements, pay-per-click ads and the like. What’s even better is that email marketing tops the charts of marketing strategies with the highest ROI. 2014 census data from the email-marketing industry reveals that email generated 29 percent higher revenue than the last year – the highest in all marketing channels.

Easy to monitor and measure

You can measure a range of metrics and analyze key performance indicators to see what works and what doesn’t for your customers. Click-through rates, open rates, conversion rates and the like also allow you to fine-tune your overall marketing strategy.

Customers love it

The emails are restricted to high-value customers who have opted (subscribed) to receive marketing messages from you, and are therefore a great way to keep high-quality customers engaged and happy. This not only boosts your repeat sales, but also proves to be valuable in creating brand advocacy and spreading positive word about your business. The happiest and most impressed of your clients can in fact, forward your emails to friends and family, giving you more exposure in the process. And these, mind you, are only some of the several benefits of email marketing. Interested in knowing the rest of them? Interested in setting up your own email marketing campaign? Rev Marketing 2 U specializes in all things email marketing. Give us a call today to learn more! From our team to your team we thank you for visiting this site and to show our appreciation Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. is offering a FREE 20 minute Rev-Consultation. Whether you are seeking to create a brand identity, online reputation management, marketing or a website that works for you 24/7, we are here to serve at

March 2015

Reputation makes or breaks businesses…

TRUST Yours with the Right People at Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc.

A honest, hardworking business owner. A careless sales personal. A minor mistake. An angry customer and an unforgiving, berating attack on the company. What happens next you ask? Well, let’s see – the company loses customers, business partners, marketers and stock holders. The press turns against it, business stops, company shuts down and it’s the end of the honest, hardworking business owner. This is unfortunately no movie. A bad or dwindling reputation can cause severe financial losses and affect all areas of your life.

Are you prepared to suffer the ramifications of a bad business reputation?

“A happy customer tells his friends. An unhappy customer tells EVERYONE!” Poor reputation may be the reason why many of your customers are choosing competitors over you. It may the reason why the whole industry is ostracizing you (like the industry-wide boycott of Mini Babybel in 2012, or Nestlé in 2010). Prompt and clever management of online reputation is the only way to safeguard your business from character assassination and unscrupulous attacks on honor. Apart from saving business, reputation management helps you grow more business. Customers are in general, more forgiving of the minor mistakes made by a company they hold in high esteem. They are also more resilient to changes (like price increases) and remain loyal to the company.

Rev Marketing 2 U excels in reputation management services

The online reputation management services at Rev Marketing 2 U have been perfected over the years and offer the most robust protection your reputation needs.

  • We extensively track your online reputation using different combinations of keywords and find all pieces of content that may be undesirable.
  • We use fresh content to cover the first few pages of search engine results with positive content and pushing unfavorable content out of plain sight.>
  • This is actively followed by sending out compelling “take-down” requests to webmasters and content owners. We do this by genuinely addressing the concern of the person in question and finding ways to make up for their bad experience.
  • If they do not agree to remove damaging content, we use intimidation like sending notices from lawyers or law-enforcement personnel. We are ready to move the court in particularly tough situations.

But this is not all! We have a legion of highly practical (and therefore very effective) tricks up our sleeves and do not shy away from using them when required. Remember – the longer you wait before taking an action, the longer your competitors have to make money off your bad situation! Contact us for more information and let’s get started on safeguarding your reputation today! From our team to your team we thank you for visiting this site and to show our appreciation Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. is offering a FREE 20 minute Rev-Consultation. Whether you are seeking to create a brand identity, online reputation management, marketing or a website that works for you 24/7, we are here to serve at

February 2015

Creating a Small Business Marketing Budget: How Much You Should Need to Spend

Every new small business entrepreneur is deeply concerned with how much effort they need to devote to their marketing. People need to know about your great products and services if they’re going to patronize you. Unfortunately, there’s quite a bit of misinformation floating around out there. Here are some tips on discovering your ideal marketing budget.

First things first, there’s no magic number. Although some people will quote explicit percentages for how much of your revenue you need to put back into marketing, it really varies.

Trying to simply solve the problem using some predetermined quantity shows a lack of foresight. If you decide to spend a certain amount of money on marketing yet you target the wrong market, it’s like you’ve wasted the money anyway. Instead, you need to budget your marketing expenditures in a reactive manner.

The best way to determine how much you should spend is to look at what you spend now and where it gets you. Does your social media advertising budget bring in the conversions you desire? Do you find that you’re constantly adding more money to certain weak campaigns? If you go from where you’re at currently, you can figure out a baseline and make changes. There are formulas but it has to be based on your specific industry and be monitored and measured.

Digital content and online marketing is a good place to start analyzing your strategy and return on investment. Ideally, you should be able to track every hit, every banner click from an external site and every subsequent page visit to your own portal. Once you see exactly how much money you net from each form of advertising, you’ll understand where you need to focus.

Remember, it’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about how well it was spent. Analyze your marketing expenditures and their results to improve your business marketing budget and learn to strengthen your buying funnel for a strong ROI.

234-REV-2U90 (234-738-2890)

January 2015

Throw those “Yellow Pages” OUT! Online, Mobile Marketing is IN!rev-logo-fb

Online marketing has become an essential part of the world’s economic progress. In the relatively short time period that “online marketing” has been matching customers with sellers, it has become perhaps the most reliable marketing tool ever developed. Early on, many well-established businesses viewed online marketing as a gimmick, figuring the Internet was best suited to delivering emails and transferring data. They soon realized ignoring the value of online marketing was costing them money, and that staying out of the loop diminished their presence with the buying public. Projections are that online marketing will – probably sooner than later – dominate over printed and electronic media efforts worldwide. Rev Marketing 2 U and Go2Karate® are companies that maintain the cutting edge to success.

It takes creative skill to prepare an online marketing program. The many aspects of Internet communications make the development process a constant give and take between the online marketing creator and his client. The client knows what he wants to say. It’s up to the professional program designer to make sure the online marketing message presents what the client wants said in a way that grabs the attention of the online audience. Once the potential customers pause to examine the eye-catching header of an online marketing offer, there must be a concise, pertinent description of what the business is all about. A clear message goes a long way toward influencing the buying attitude of potential customers. Too much verbiage slows down customers’ interest to the point where they just don’t care.

Successful online marketing relies on understanding who might be examining the Internet for a specific product or service offer. An experienced Web marketing designer will aim his efforts at attracting people already interested in what’s being offered, as well as presenting a message capable of grabbing the attention of those who might not realize they are also interested.

The best online marketing developers understand the importance of Search Engine Technology (SET). All the latest trends in placing online marketing messages atop the various search engines — Yahoo, Google, MSN, to name a few — are aspects of SET that professional website designers use to prepare an online message that becomes the centerpiece of a company’s marketing efforts and is key to prevailing and potential market strategies.

A well prepared online marketing site has money-making potential other media cannot approach. In fact, it has become commonplace for people noticing a printed or broadcast message to quickly go to their computers to get a better idea of what’s being offered. A great website is one that adds to a growing bottom line. And, above all else, that’s the paramount reason for developing an attractive online marketing site.

Online marketing via the Internet has proven itself to be the competitive tool that virtually any business can use to its advantage. No other media travels as fast and touches so many potential customers. And that puts it far ahead of the message-bearing competition. Let us show you how our business can benefit your business. We’re Rev Marketing 2 U and we want you to Ignite Your Marketing Performance™

234-REV-2U90 (234-738-2890)

Marketing Site Tips

March, 6 2015

Become An Expert Blogger With These Tips!

It is always important, to keep your blog updated. This will allow your audience to keep coming back. A well optimized blog with well made content will surely keep retention for your website! A decent blog has one or two posts a month; however, to ensure a great blog, it is important to have three to five posts a month. This will allow you to have content your audience can explore through, instead of having a blog with only minimal content. Posting at least three times a month will also help you be ready for holiday posts, too.

Holiday Posts allow you the opportunity to promote yourself and your brand. Keep your business themed toward the holiday, each holiday has different potential. The winter holidays (ending and beginning of the year) are important to let your audience know about what is meaningful to your business, any year end changes being made, and new year plans/what “new” is coming up. Keep in mind that people spend a ton around the Christmas season, so this would be great to allow them to save big on a promo or deal, talk about it your blog!

It is very key to think ahead while blogging, this keeps you knowing what is coming up and will also keep your blog organized. Be ready for approaching holidays and never delay, do not waste time with events that have past. Think of yourself reading your blog; you want new, fresh and exciting content just like your audience does. Give it to them! Blogging is important to so many, so keep your blog rolling, keep your blog important.

February, 6 2015

Be Proactive to Prevent ‘Comment Section’ Spamming from Damaging Your Site!

Recently there has been an increase in spam attacks on the interactive ‘comments’ area of websites. There are pros and cons to this customary website feature, but most marketers find it beneficial because positive reviews may influence another visitor’s decision to buy. The new spamming threat now affects several million people every second of the day, and it is important to know what to do when you see ‘comment spam’ on your website.

  1. Go to your “comments” section of your websites dashboard
  2. When you see a comment that is considered spam, mark it as “spam”
  3. When you see a comment this is beneficial, “approve” it

Monitor this area closely, and be sure to read the FULL comment. If it looks strange, or is not something you want displayed on your website, spam it!

It is important to remember when working with your website that spamming is now a common attack that needs monitoring on a regular basis. Spam can originate from several different sources. These spam comments will show up on the front end of your website underneath the article in which the comment was made. Too many of these will “flood” the section and adversely affect the performance of your website which can be costly in terms of missed or lost business.

If you have been receiving a high volume of emails from your website informing you of spam, please report this to Client Services at

Want to know more about marketing websites, social media, SEO, directory listings, campaigns, or anything else that can help your business grow? Drop a line tclientservices@go2karate.como our Solutions Specialist Paul Leitzke at or call him at 1-234-738-2890. Sharing brilliant, cost-effective online marketing solutions. It’s what we do.

January 19, 2015

Blog to Your Site and Let the Ripples Wash Over New Leads!

With Rev Marketing 2 U’s unique “Auto-blog” feature, your website is or can be connected to a number of your social media sites (and a network of duplicate, backlinking, organic SEM sites) to spread your school’s marketing messages far and wide. If you post news, updates, offers, and other share-worthy bulletins from your school directly to Facebook®, you’re missing the opportunity to automatically add one page to your marketing website (remember: search engines rank ‘growing’ sites higher on results pages). You’re also missing the opportunity to “mass communicate” in one stroke. The Rev Marketing 2 U Auto-blog posts the identical message on your website, Facebook®, Google+®, Twitter®, and other social sites for an optimized online presence built to perform and dominate! Don’t lose-lose, work smart to win-win! Enjoy these great blogging tips to get more output from your input.

  1. Use Auto-blog – not Facebook! Post to your website (and connected social media) at least weekly. Contact Client Services Director John Pope at or call 1-234-738-2801 if you need a training refresher or lost access info.
  2. Need ideas? The list of blog-worthy topics – from inspiring quotes to ‘before and after’ pics, personal insights to product reviews and industry news – runs as far and wild as your imagination.
  3. When sharing things on social media, at least from your business accounts, steer clear of political and religious themes as those have a way of offending and alienating people and their supporters, i.e. your potential customers. Stick with (clean) humor, insight, information, and positivity! You can’t go wrong.
  4. With each parent’s and model’s permission, share pictures and/or videos of students in action – showing courtesy, discipline, spirit, fitness, and martial arts power that best represent your business.
    • A model release waiver on a clipboard for signatures is useful, if it was not included on the membership application, registration form, or other documentation.
    • Have a staffer or student volunteer take quality digital pictures at every special event you host. They often tell a story far better than words.
  5. Prior to posting, rename pictures to include the subject or activity, your business name, and your city and state in the filename, e.g. “Pic3-Widget1-DavesWidgets-Atlanta-GA.jpg.” Don’t leave spaces or use special symbols. Savvy file-naming boosts your SEO, SEM, and SMM – and leads prospects to your site and business.
  6. Also prior to posting, double-check spelling, grammar, and punctuation in all your posts. The little things matter a lot to many consumers – and simple mistakes stand out like a sore thumb.

Want to know more about Auto-blog, social media marketing, websites, or anything else that can help your business grow? Drop a line to our Solutions Specialist Paul Leitzke at or call him at 1-234-738-2890. Sharing brilliant, cost-effective online marketing solutions. It’s what we do.

News You Can Use

March, 6 2015

Rev Marketing 2 U Campaigns: Amplify Your Outreach!

Build a reputation for excellence blogging (posting your original content) far and wide across the vast, reliable, and reputable Rev Marketing 2 U network of marketing directory sites that puts your business front and center, everywhere high quality leads (i.e. your future students and staffers) are searching! Use our innovative technology to automate search engine and social media marketing. Auto-blog frequently to build trust and reputation, amplify outreach, improve rankings, and increase marketing effectiveness and ROI! A Rev Marketing 2 U Marketing Campaign includes powerful tools to help you dominate your local online market and grow your business toward financial freedom!

  • Stand Up and Stand Out Everywhere on the Web!
    Attracting NEW MEMBERS is Easier Than Ever with RM2U Campaigns
  • Activate a WINNING Strategic Online Marketing Plan!
    RM2U Has Cracked the Code to Help You Get More High Quality Leads Fast!
  • Be Seen FIRST, BEST, and MOST!
    OWN Your Local Online Real Estate for More High Quality Leads Fast!
  • Showcase Your Business Everywhere Prospects Are Searching!
    Automate SEM and SMM to Amplify Outreach, Rankings, and Return on Investment!

1. Send a quick message to our Solutions Specialist, Paul Leitzke, at or call him at 1-234-738-2890 right now!
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February, 6 2015

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Owning the TOP Spot on Google© Leads Local Shoppers to You!

Be the #1 Listing! Pay-Per-Click Advertising is called “the Steroid of Marketing” because PPC gets you noticed by the active, local, mobile searchers and shoppers you WANT! Guaranteed premium positioning on relevant, local Search Engine Results Pages works for fast, steady growth and a big ROI! If you haven’t tried this technique for drawing traffic into your website’s buying funnel, you’re missing out!

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can deliver a high volume of quality leads to your website quickly and steadily. When a Google® user searches using keywords or phrases you’ve flagged, your ad link appears at or near the TOP of their Search Results pages. If the user then “clicks” the link to visit your site, you pay X dollars for it, up to your budget cap. Keyword search terms are a commodity. Their dollar values fluctuate based on usage rates and competition in the regional market. Getting ‘the biggest bang for your buck’ relies on good intel – professional set-up and on-going analysis, monitoring and adjusting. And while PPC is very powerful, your website, social media, and other marketing tools should also be expertly designed, convenient, attractive, and highly functional to welcome and serve all your new customers!

BE SEEN FIRST! Be the #1 listing! Rev Marketing 2 U will put your business at the TOP of your market’s Google® Search Results Pages! Your website’s links and listings are guaranteed premium placement where MORE shoppers and searchers will find you FIRST, MOST, and BEST – while you pay only for the quality leads who click-through to visit your site!

Send a quick message to our Solutions Specialist, Paul Leitzke, at or call him at 1-234-738-2890 right now!
FREE TRIAL! 1st Month of PPC – a $200 value – with this newsletter’s RM2U ProShop Great Deal of the Month for clients only (through February 28, 2015).
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January 19, 2015

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Top Placement on Search Results Pages Increases Profits

After a business has its marketing website put together, owners need to look into marketing for the website, which generates leads and sales for their company. Online marketing involves several strategic and tactical actions to be cost effective and successful. Among the most reliable tactics of Internet marketing is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process where online marketing professionals research keywords and match them to your website. This helps get your company’s website listed at or near the top of the Search Engine Results Pages. Since most users online only look at the first few pages of search results, having your company near the beginning is essential to drawing traffic to your website and into your sales funnel. Rise to the top and stay there with RM2U expertise!

You can be the #1 listing! Rev Marketing 2 U has a winning game plan to help your business reach the TOP of Search Results Pages! Strategic, organic SEM gets your website’s links and listings premium placement on Google® where MORE shoppers and searchers will find you FIRST!

  1. Send a quick message to our Solutions Specialist, Paul Leitzke, at or call him at 1-234-738-2890 right now!
  2. Save 50% on any SEM package – a value up to $500 – with this newsletter’s RM2U ProShop Great Deal of the Month for clients only (through February 28, 2015).