April 2015 Owners Matthew and Kimberly Opsitos are excited to share their passion for teaching martial arts to students of all backgrounds and ability levels. The physical and mental benefits of studying martial arts, combined with a fun and challenging class structure make ATA Martial Arts a great discipline for both children and adults. Mr. […]

April 2015 Marketing Fads Come and Marketing Fads GO. Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Customized Email Marketing Campaigns STAY! By Tracy Thomas Email marketing is without doubt, one of the oldest techniques of internet marketing. And the fact that the technique has sustained for so long, is proof enough of its effectiveness. However, should you […]

March, 6 2015 Become An Expert Blogger With These Tips! It is always important, to keep your blog updated. This will allow your audience to keep coming back. A well optimized blog with well made content will surely keep retention for your website! A decent blog has one or two posts a month; however, to […]

March, 6 2015 Rev Marketing 2 U Campaigns: Amplify Your Outreach! Build a reputation for excellence blogging (posting your original content) far and wide across the vast, reliable, and reputable Rev Marketing 2 U network of marketing directory sites that puts your business front and center, everywhere high quality leads (i.e. your future students and staffers) […]