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March, 6 2015

Become An Expert Blogger With These Tips!

It is always important, to keep your blog updated. This will allow your audience to keep coming back. A well optimized blog with well made content will surely keep retention for your website! A decent blog has one or two posts a month; however, to ensure a great blog, it is important to have three to five posts a month. This will allow you to have content your audience can explore through, instead of having a blog with only minimal content. Posting at least three times a month will also help you be ready for holiday posts, too.

Holiday Posts allow you the opportunity to promote yourself and your brand. Keep your business themed toward the holiday, each holiday has different potential. The winter holidays (ending and beginning of the year) are important to let your audience know about what is meaningful to your business, any year end changes being made, and new year plans/what “new” is coming up. Keep in mind that people spend a ton around the Christmas season, so this would be great to allow them to save big on a promo or deal, talk about it your blog!

It is very key to think ahead while blogging, this keeps you knowing what is coming up and will also keep your blog organized. Be ready for approaching holidays and never delay, do not waste time with events that have past. Think of yourself reading your blog; you want new, fresh and exciting content just like your audience does. Give it to them! Blogging is important to so many, so keep your blog rolling, keep your blog important.

February, 6 2015

Be Proactive to Prevent ‘Comment Section’ Spamming from Damaging Your Site!

Recently there has been an increase in spam attacks on the interactive ‘comments’ area of websites. There are pros and cons to this customary website feature, but most marketers find it beneficial because positive reviews may influence another visitor’s decision to buy. The new spamming threat now affects several million people every second of the day, and it is important to know what to do when you see ‘comment spam’ on your website.

  1. Go to your “comments” section of your websites dashboard
  2. When you see a comment that is considered spam, mark it as “spam”
  3. When you see a comment this is beneficial, “approve” it

Monitor this area closely, and be sure to read the FULL comment. If it looks strange, or is not something you want displayed on your website, spam it!

It is important to remember when working with your website that spamming is now a common attack that needs monitoring on a regular basis. Spam can originate from several different sources. These spam comments will show up on the front end of your website underneath the article in which the comment was made. Too many of these will “flood” the section and adversely affect the performance of your website which can be costly in terms of missed or lost business.

If you have been receiving a high volume of emails from your website informing you of spam, please report this to Client Services at

Want to know more about marketing websites, social media, SEO, directory listings, campaigns, or anything else that can help your business grow? Drop a line tclientservices@go2karate.como our Solutions Specialist Paul Leitzke at or call him at 1-234-738-2890. Sharing brilliant, cost-effective online marketing solutions. It’s what we do.

January 19, 2015

Blog to Your Site and Let the Ripples Wash Over New Leads!

With Rev Marketing 2 U’s unique “Auto-blog” feature, your website is or can be connected to a number of your social media sites (and a network of duplicate, backlinking, organic SEM sites) to spread your school’s marketing messages far and wide. If you post news, updates, offers, and other share-worthy bulletins from your school directly to Facebook®, you’re missing the opportunity to automatically add one page to your marketing website (remember: search engines rank ‘growing’ sites higher on results pages). You’re also missing the opportunity to “mass communicate” in one stroke. The Rev Marketing 2 U Auto-blog posts the identical message on your website, Facebook®, Google+®, Twitter®, and other social sites for an optimized online presence built to perform and dominate! Don’t lose-lose, work smart to win-win! Enjoy these great blogging tips to get more output from your input.

  1. Use Auto-blog – not Facebook! Post to your website (and connected social media) at least weekly. Contact Client Services Director John Pope at or call 1-234-738-2801 if you need a training refresher or lost access info.
  2. Need ideas? The list of blog-worthy topics – from inspiring quotes to ‘before and after’ pics, personal insights to product reviews and industry news – runs as far and wild as your imagination.
  3. When sharing things on social media, at least from your business accounts, steer clear of political and religious themes as those have a way of offending and alienating people and their supporters, i.e. your potential customers. Stick with (clean) humor, insight, information, and positivity! You can’t go wrong.
  4. With each parent’s and model’s permission, share pictures and/or videos of students in action – showing courtesy, discipline, spirit, fitness, and martial arts power that best represent your business.
    • A model release waiver on a clipboard for signatures is useful, if it was not included on the membership application, registration form, or other documentation.
    • Have a staffer or student volunteer take quality digital pictures at every special event you host. They often tell a story far better than words.
  5. Prior to posting, rename pictures to include the subject or activity, your business name, and your city and state in the filename, e.g. “Pic3-Widget1-DavesWidgets-Atlanta-GA.jpg.” Don’t leave spaces or use special symbols. Savvy file-naming boosts your SEO, SEM, and SMM – and leads prospects to your site and business.
  6. Also prior to posting, double-check spelling, grammar, and punctuation in all your posts. The little things matter a lot to many consumers – and simple mistakes stand out like a sore thumb.

Want to know more about Auto-blog, social media marketing, websites, or anything else that can help your business grow? Drop a line to our Solutions Specialist Paul Leitzke at or call him at 1-234-738-2890. Sharing brilliant, cost-effective online marketing solutions. It’s what we do.