Coming in 2015: ouR-Card™ from Rev Marketing 2 U

ouR-Card™ is a cutting edge Mobile Marketing tool that connects like nothing else can.our-card-logo

Why strive to “prompt action” from your clients and potential customers, asking them to take the step of visiting your website, filling out forms, or making a phone call, when you can send them compelling, personalized, interactive, multimedia sales and marketing messages right on their mobile devices? ouR-Card™ makes it happen.

  • The call to action is immediate. Most people have their smart phones with them all the time, frequently in use texting, surfing, shopping, gaming, or chatting. The ouR-Card™ arrives like a graphical text message on their smart phones and tablets. They feel the buying trigger and – BOOM! They click to call you, click to reserve, click to buy, click to map, or click for more info – right then, right there – literally in their hands and in their decision-making faces, with all due respect.
  • The call to action is compelling. The ouR-Card design has your logo, phone, text, and links on attractive background in a mobile-friendly and user-friendly format – selling your goods and services to people who are very likely to buy – on a telecom platform that’s within their focus most hours of the day.
  • ouR-Card™ integrates fully with Google My Business™ (formerly known as Google Places™), Google Maps™, and all your web and social media sites.

Set up a quarter or a year’s worth of ouR-Card™ campaigns in advance for a major technology boost to marketing effectiveness whenever you like. Send them to promote sales, open houses, special events, news, reviews, opportunities, and more!

Stay tuned for your chance to be among the 2015 flagship class to put this amazingly versatile marketing technology to work for your business!