Change Yourself First…

By doing so you can change the lives of others around you

By Tracy Thomas
Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc.

Business owners are pillars around which communities revolve. Educators, public servants and volunteers also make big differences, but business owners have unique opportunities.

Face it, business is as much a component of American life as exercising your constitutional rights is. The thing about business is that it provides an extremely common venue for everyday social interaction.

People have to engage in simple commerce just to survive, because nobody produces all the things they need on their own. As a result, business owners have a special chance to define the tone of many social standards we take for granted.

Business owners who approach this chance responsibly interact with the community in positive ways. They promote their goods and services, but never do so at the expense of other people’s welfare. They create new jobs for local members of the community and give back through charity and other forms of aid. They don’t seek to denounce their competition, yet people still look at them as outstanding moral individuals who lead and educate by example.

Of course, there are also business leaders who abuse their power. They deal with consumers and partners unfairly, creating bad blood all around, they become business bullies, arrogant and foul. Unfortunately, because financial profits can be made either way, corporations put up with their inappropriate actions and even do so while losing clientele. Separate your-self from any unneeded stress and create a distance that makes you feel comfortable and safe.

It’s impossible to force moral behaviors down other people’s throats, even if the changes they induce are positive. People need to see something work to believe in it. If you think that our nation could use changes in the way we do business and interact with each other, simply step up to the plate. If you change the way you operate, the positive results will spread, first throughout your own business, and then to the community it grows to support.

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