Corporate Branding

Rev Marketing 2 U takes pride in creating distinctive, professional, eye-catching designs that build brand awareness and loyalty across all media platforms.

Brand Building

Name brand recognition is frequently developed through years of consumer branding activities. In the past, most of the activity focused on offline activities such as mailers, commercials, and in-store promotions taking years to build the brand. Over the past ten to fifteen years, creating brand recognition has evolved to include website development, email messaging, mobile apps, social media and website optimization, and can take much less time to build.

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Graphic Design

With so many Internet businesses being created at home on a daily basis, there is a great demand for qualified online graphic design designers that get results. There is so much work that goes into creating the perfect online graphic design. This is a professional job that requires a lot of training in very sensitive areas. The professional graphic designer must be a perfectionist when it comes to creating a beautiful online graphic design for someone else.

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Logo Design

Several advantages exist for folks that get a custom logo design. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs will not begin a new business until the custom logo design has been created… after all, it is their BRAND. This is because everything related to the business needs to be centered on the logo. A high quality custom logo design that uses the company colors carries with it instant name recognition before the public.

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Branding Manual

Remember, your brand is not just the name of your business or the look of your company logo. No sir! It is a combination of the image your customers have of you and the consequent emotional response that image generates in them, toward your products and services. For businesses that want to do well, creating, strengthening and promoting a strong and cohesive brand identity is an important function. Are you engaging in it?

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