Don’t Forget, Ask For the Sale

Asking for sale is very important if you expect people to buy your products. This is an indication of competitiveness and expertise of the seller. It is the characteristic of a confident and proactive sales person. This direct approach of selling the product will impress the buyer much more than any beating around the bush tactics. You have probably seen the sales person who is unsure of themselves and what they are selling. Confidence in closing a sale is very important to the buyer.

Best way to close a sale

Asking for a sale is a recommended practice to close a sale. Provide all answers to your customer’s queries regarding the product and the services, many times this is managed by pre-framing(time saver) the questions that are common to the sales within the industry. But at the end of the discussion do not forget to ask for business. You can use any wording that you feel is appropriate, but convey the idea to the customer that you are asking for the sale of your product. Keep the sales system, systematic. Monitor and measure the results and create a SAR system to adjust a weakness in sales-Solution, Action, and Result oriented system that will elevate percentages and provide quality customer service.

Reasons to ask for sale

Asking for sale will definitely project the professionalism of the salesperson in front of the customer. If you do not ask for sales, then it can be taken as a lack of confidence in the true value of the product that you are trying to sell. The customer may also feel that the sales person is not proficient enough to ask for the sale or he does not care, does not believe in the product or service, or simply doesn’t care if a sale is made or not.

Presenting the question

If you have clarified all the doubts of your customer and you feel that the product will suit him/her, then you should definitely ask for business from that customer. By making highly valuable and compelling recommendations, you have earned your right to ask for sales from the customer. There are many ways in which you can ask for sale from your customer. You can ask the customer directly as of what he thinks of the proposition. “Can we close the deal” is an apt way of putting forward the question. “May I have your business”, or “Shall we proceed forward”, are a few other ways of framing the question. Keep in mind that selling is a learned experience. Once you become more successful and your percentages increase, you will begin to ask for the sale by closing with more powerful and confident statements such as; “Lets get started today”, or “We can deliver this to you on Monday”. Objections may occur and then you may ask  “Is there anything that is holding you back from purchasing today” and so on.

Advantages of asking for sale

Asking for sales benefits both the customer and the salesmen. The customers will be motivated to buy your product if you follow this strategy. By asking for sales you actually give the customer a chance to say “No” to your product. This will save the time of both the customer and the salesperson.

Points to remember

Be prepared to ask every potential customer for a sale. If you fail to do so, you may be warding off a potential customer. Some customers may refrain from buying the product just because the sales person didn’t ask them to. Also, be aware of your body language. If your customer finds that you are showing nervous vibes, then he/she may hesitate to make the final decision.

While asking for sales you should be prepared to expect rejections. Not only that, you should also learn to take these rejections in the positive sense. Rejections may allow you to know the disadvantages of the product that you overlooked. Learn from the rejections, analyze your business strategy, and look for measures in which you can improve your sales techniques.

Article by Tracy Lee Thomas

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