How the government can affect your business

By Tracy Thomas
Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc.

The fact that the government, through the enactment and enforcement of numerous policies, guidelines, rules and regulations affects the creation and running of a business comes as no surprise to any of us, especially those of us attempting to operate a profitable business concern. These laws fall into a wide range of categories, including a few listed below:

  • Employment law
  • Borrowing regulations
  • Unemployment insurance requirements
  • Tax laws
  • Insurance requirements
  • Worker classification regulations
  • Immigration requirements
  • Security and privacy issues

The fact is, there are government regulations relating to nearly every aspect of a business’ operations. These regulations and laws may be implemented on a local, state or federal level and a breach of any of them can bring a variety of sanctions or penalties, making it critical for every business owner to be aware of and in compliance with the seemingly endless array of requirements.

A restaurant owner, for example, is not only required to follow a slate of regulations regarding taxes, employee hiring, safety and welfare of customers and all proper licensing procedures, but is also open to receiving periodic visits from the local fire department for inspections regarding fire safety and fire regulation compliance. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) also has jurisdiction and authorization to make unannounced inspections regarding compliance to its regulations and may do so at any time. Additionally, the local Health Department may intrude at any time to perform one of its own on-site inspections.

Some types of businesses, such as hospitals or other healthcare facilities, have even more hoops through which they’re required to jump, with governmental or quasi-governmental agencies performing inspection visits that, at least to hospital personnel, seem to be on an almost continual basis. To make matters even more complicated, government regulations change frequently and new requirements are added regularly.

If you are a new business owner you can contact other local business owners, the city, speak to your CPA or find a local business consultant to help get you started on the right track.

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