Identify Adult Bullying…

Bullying is seen everywhere.

By Tracy Thomas

Many people believe that they outgrew bullies when they left school, but this isn’t the truth. Adult bullies are found online and in professional offices. When bullies are around, it’s someone’s responsibility to protect the rest of the team.

There are two varieties of adult bullies: the aggressive bully and the passive-aggressive bully. Both are equally dangerous in the workplace. The aggressive type displays classic bully behavior, including mean-spirited jokes, taunts and refusing to follow the office rules. When someone tries to correct their actions or enforce office policies, they will try to make that individual look bad. The passive-aggressive bully is even more devious. These adult bullies pretend to be friendly, but they have dark motives. They will even act like a tearful victim after perpetuating bullying behaviors.

An office is staffed by a team of workers who have to work together for the greater good. There is no room for big egos or bullies on a team. Adult bullies are often the people with the lowest self-esteem. They pick on others because they don’t feel good about themselves, and they feel that criticizing others is the best way to get attention when it’s not. Some bullies engage in classic passive-aggressive behavior and never take responsibility for their actions unless it’s a success that someone else achieved.

Bullies gossip, they talk behind other people’s backs, and they spread rumors. They can’t stand it when things don’t go their way, and they take credit for things they didn’t do, they want to own the spotlight. Bullies blame others when things don’t go well, and they deliberately exclude or ignore co-workers or others. Many times they will talk to other about kicking someone out of the office, getting someone fired or other variants as a means to dominate a department, office or company. Although bullying is a juvenile behavior, professional adults, managers and employees do it too. Be bully aware; office crime fighters can stop adult bullies.

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