Kowkabany Testimonial and Review

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How is your experience working with RM2U?
RM2U is easy to work with, and extremely professional. Their expertise in the field of online marketing is cutting edge, they stay abreast of the latest technology as well as the changes needed to stay up with the constant changes in search engine marketing and optimization. In a year, they took us from page 14 of the search engines, to page 1! Our website before working with RM2U brought in two or three leads per YEAR, and now we get weekly calls… this is in addition to our Groupon sales. Sr. Master Thomas and his staff and the best, very hard-working, and true to their promises. In fact, they have actually provided additional services to us that we didn’t expect, as they were rolling them out to all of their accounts as positive advancements came through with upgrades in their software. Working with RM2U allows us to focus on teaching instead of worrying about handing out cards and flyers.

Please share your success story, and a little bit about yourself
Chief Master Kowkabany and I began our school in Tampa in 1996, and both of us have been students of Chief Master Bill Clark since we started in the ATA. CM Kowkabany has been training for 40 years, and I’ve been training for 33. Our teaching is more than just a profession, it’s our passion, and even our ministry. God has always been our first priority, next is family/each other, and then our students/martial arts. If Duck Dynasty is Faith, Family, Ducks, then we are Faith, Family, Kicks.We have to always keep these priorities in order, or there is simply no way to be successful. For us, success is helping our students to discover their God-given talents, and these are different for each individual. Once they realize their talents, our task is to help them to develop them to their fullest, and then to learn how to put those talents at the service of others. We pray hard and we work hard towards achieving these goals. The practical side of any ministry or business is that you must be able to earn a living to do what you love, and to help others. If you can’t pay your bills, you won’t have students to teach. We have been blessed with many gifts, far too numerous to list, but neither of us has a passion for traditional marketing.  However, God has always brought the right people into our lives at the right time, and it was no coincidence that we first developed a friendship with Sr. Master Thomas several years ago at an ATA Leadership Camp. He was the missing piece to turning our business around, as he helped us to capitalize on the internet marketing piece that was missing from our business.

To Community Members
Its been both a pleasure and honor to work with two of the most sincere and caring individuals I have ever met. Their goals for their students are truly focused and they care about the growth of each of their students as individuals. Their commitment and dedication to both the art and their academy is nothing but top notch! True Master Instructors with a TRUE desire to change the world for the better. I highly recommend any and all community members to visit KFMA for a life changing experience that will last a life time.