• You are receiving this form as a notice that the service we have been providing you is soon expiring. Our Rev Team truly hopes you have enjoyed the experience that you have received set at your selected budget. We have two options available to assist you at this time.


    Our Renewal Service and Save program. Please contact us at Client Services. Our unique RSS program hosts one of the best renewal programs in the industry. Our marketing consultants are standing by to continually serve you and your business. If you wish our team to contact you please select the Option below:
  • CES:

    Our unique Client Exit Strategy system keeps you connected and maintains as little interruption or down time as possible. We offer three types of services under our CES system for those selecting this option:
    • Service 1: Hosting
    • Service 2: URL Time Extension
    • Service 3: URL Transfer
  • RSS & CES Products & Services

    Hosting Services:

    This is where your sites URL (website) will continue on our high speed server and its performance loads will be kept up to date.
    NOTE: Managed and Leased sites will be removed in its entirety
  • URL Time Extension:

    Your websites URL history and length of time before it expires is a key asset to the online success. Our Rev Team suggests a minimum of 5 years and a 10 year as a solid option.
  • Transfer:

    This is where you will select the option to remove your site form our server and install your own plugins, analytics, video's, etc. We will point your name server (website) to the specified server you select. Please keep in mind that we will keep a back up just in case your site crashes during transfers. All transfers accept their own responsibility and liability once it has been pointed off of our servers and our of our control.
  • Website Maintenance:

    Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. manages maintenance packages to assure your site is running optimal and addresses changes or alterations that you desire from to time to time. In addition our team will manage your sites plugins, licenses, and sites performance issues when needed.
    If you are interested in custom maintenance blocks, a Solution Specialist will contact you.
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  • Customer Survey

    Please complete the following survey to assist us with better understanding of our client's needs. We offer all survey participants a $100.00 (one hundred dollar) coupon for taking the time to complete this survey.

    *coupon to be used for new or upgraded services only*
  • On a scale of 1-5 please select the following:

    1. N/A 2. Poor 3. Fair 4. Good 5. Excellent
  • Prior to submitting this agreement please add your information below so that the Rev Team may proceed with your requests.

  • I hereby acknowledge that upon expiration date of said agreement that my services will be completed and that my website will be placed in maintenance mode or removed from Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. server. Any such service provided with hosting, server, or other variant of continued service, I truthfully acknowledge by selecting submit I agree, understand and consent to the process.