• Exit Strategy

    This Rev Marketing “Exit Strategy” form is to inform our clientele of the options they have for renewal and up to after the agreement has expired.

    Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. has three options for those nearing the end of their agreement terms and conditions or selecting to pay off their accounts.

    Option #1: Renewal Options
    Option #2: Hosting Services
    Option #3: Transfer Domain Services


    Auto Renewals and Renewals:

    Renewal Term. Unless Buyer(s) gives Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. notice that it does not elect to extend the term of this agreement not later than ninety days (90) days prior to expiration of the then-current agreement as applicable, this marketing, website and or consulting agreement shall automatically extend for an additional term with the same terms and conditions as provided in the current agreement(s).

    To cancel or the auto renewal prior to the required ninety (90) day notice please mail your written notice to:

    Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc.
    P. O. Box 68820 Virginia Beach, VA

    This is where your sites URL (website) may be permitted continue on our high speed server and its performance loads will be kept up to date.

    Annual Hosting Fee: $300

  • NOTE: Managed and Leased sites will be removed in its entirety as they are owned and operated by Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. These sites may not be transferred or purchased.

    Website Maintenance:

    Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. manages maintenance packages to assure your site is running optimal and addresses changes or alterations that you desire from to time to time. In addition our team will manage your sites plugins, licenses, and sites performance issues when needed. If your account has expired or you wish to utilize a maintenance agreement please select on of the following


    This is where you will select the option to remove your site from our server and install your own plugins, analytics, video's, etc. for paid if full sites (one that you purchased from us and we developed). We will point your name server (website) to the specified server you select. Please keep in mind that we will keep a back-up just in case your site crashes during transfers. All transfers accept their own responsibility and liability once it has been pointed off of our servers and out of our control.

    If you have a leased or managed site the domain name/URL may be transferred but the website is owned and operated by Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. These sites Do Not Transfer. (not for leased, managed sites or sites that have not been paid in full).

    URL Transfer Back-Up Package: $295.00 (not for leased, managed sites or sites that have not been paid in full).

  • Please Note: Any site that is not paid in full may not have the URL transferred until said accounts paid in full as per the agreement and Terms of Service (TOS). For more information please review your agreement and the TOS HERE.