Sell the Features and Benefits You Believe In

In order to promote your business it is necessary that you sell the features and benefits of the product you believe in. For this, you will have to first distinguish between your features and benefits. The features are basically what your idea or product is capable of doing. Benefits are what those features mean to the audience and the advantages that the audience will obtain if they try out those features.

To market the features and benefits of your product, you have to create a Unique Selling Proposition or USP. This is a summary of the features that make your business unique and valuable in the market. The USP will explain why your business will benefit your client more than your competitor.

Creating a USP

What does the customer want from you, what are the main reasons that make customers buy from you, do you match the required expectations, and how to meet customer’s requirements are some of the factors that you should consider while creating a USP. To create a USP, you have to identify your target audience. Be as specific as possible in this regard. Your USP should help you to explain to the target audience the problems that your product can solve. Looking at the product from the client’s perspective will help you get an idea about the issues that they may face and the solutions you can offer them. It will give your client an idea of why they should buy from your business.

Understanding the key factors that attract your customers is also very important when it comes to selling your product. You should identify the problems that your product will help to address. This will directly influence the method in which you sell your product and the impact on your customers.

Present your ideas

The ideas regarding your product should be presented in front of your target audience in a confident manner. The ideas should be presented in a language that is understood by the audience. For instance, while you are trying to sell your product to a common customer, do not use the same technical terms that you will use in front of a technical team.

While promoting the product, make your proposition feel like a friendly conversation. You can also get your audience to ask you questions. While promoting the features and benefits of your product, pay ample attention to your body language. Always try to maintain a friendly body language. Project a friendly demeanor and have an open mind to accept objections and appreciations in the same way.

Specify the benefits

While creating a USP for your product, list the important benefits that your client can obtain by using your product. These benefits should distinguish you from the rest of your competitors.

Review your USP

It is necessary to review your USP on a regular basis as the market place, the competitors, and the needs of your customers will keep changing. This will keep your advertisement viable, and you will be able to market your product according to the changing needs of the society.

Article by Tracy Lee Thomas

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