By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Marketing for businesses large and small means more than creating dazzling brochures and captivating advertisements placed strategically in magazines and more. The shift to a more online presence in the early part of the 2000s signaled a change in how marketing is done. Now, there are many […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U Inc. Online marketing has become an essential part of the world’s economic progress. In the relatively short time online marketing has been matching customers with sellers, it has become perhaps the most reliable marketing tool ever developed. Early on, many well-established businesses viewed online marketing as a gimmick, […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Rev Marketing 2 U has a top notch strategy in Social Media Marketing. Social Media is the best way to maximize a website’s exposure. This form of marketing allows website content to be easily shared across the Internet. This is known as social media engagement. One of […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. 1. Beat out the Competition: Whenever people want to find a product, restaurant, service provider or anything else, they turn to search engines like Google. By optimizing a website for not only the Web but search engines, chances are they will end up on page one or […]