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Marketing websites in Virginia Beach follow the same industry practices as in the rest of the world.

Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. offers professional web design, social media strategy, website management and hosting and Internet marketing. They also print vehicle graphics, graphic design, and billboard advertising among others. Offering clients a professional presence on the web and helping clients to make their business a marketing success. Continue reading

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When you start a business from the ground up, you have a vision of where it is and what you want to grow into. At Rev Marketing 2 U, we understand the importance of nurturing your business every step of the way towards that dream and keeping your online marketing campaign adaptable and consistently bringing in new info to improve your traffic online is a vital part in achieving that vision. An important aspect that many businesses online need to be successful (and one Rev Marketing 2 U fully utilizes) is to have fantastic Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consists of organically marketing your business and getting your brand to the top of the page, it also consists of search engine research that delves into what your consumer wants. This research can tell us things such as what exactly someone searched to get to your page to what exactly people may search for when they visit your site.  In this regard, think of our marketing team as researchers (lab coat, silly glasses, and all) eagerly working to find out the latest results on a monthly basis and uncovering what it is we can do to reach more clients and allow you the proper traffic for your business to grow.

Utilizing the research and info from SEO, provides us with the opportunity to get your page to the top by shaping what the consumer searches and what your business is trying to sell, often uniting them with wonderful results. This data is constantly changing, and here at Rev Marketing 2 U, will constantly keep up with it and relay reports to you so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business. It is a vast web of information out there to use in ensuring that your dream business reaches its goals, and having our team at Rev Marketing 2 U on your side lays out all the important data and provides advice to ensure that the your vision is achieved.

Rev Marketing 2 U also utilizes Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the amount of backlinking sites to add your website to is in surplus. Blogging sites, directory sites, video and photography sites, they are practically endless. Though some are not nearly as powerful as others, most do get recognized and add to your marketing strength boosting your Search Engine Results. Oh and those Social Sites, the ones the kids are always on, they are not only for poking friends, sending chats, liking posts about what friends are about to eat; in fact they are actually a fantastic method of further advertising your brand. Given the likelihood of a post going viral being pretty low, it is not a guarantee that you will gain a million followers. That being said it still serves as a great tool to have in your arsenal of marketing warfare. After all we are in that fight to get to #1, just remember Rev Marketing 2 U is great ally to have!

Beyond all the services that Rev Marketing 2 U offers, is another valuable service to have for your website. Analytics, if something goes wrong, brakes, or is not performing to the best ability, Rev Marketing 2 U monitors, observes, adjusts and fixes so you have to sweat it. This also is great to do because it allows us to prove if there are changes in trends, pick up on strong keywords, and also shows us exactly what we need to know to keep your website working.