Summer & Business: How Full Do Yours Look?

Business In Summer

Stuck in the shallows? You need to be in the Surf! It is summer, and everyone is active looking for businesses marketing their activities to make their summers enjoyable! In summer, traffic is a pain in the button, but for some reason businesses just like yours love it! Rev Marketing 2 U builds custom websites perfect for online traffic to get in the fast lane and convert into business locals. There is no “Look, don’t touch” on our website builds as interaction is not only encouraged but occurs continually! Continue reading

Rev Marketing 2 U Ignites Your Marketing Performance


At Rev Marketing 2 U we understand just how much time and energy goes into starting a business and launching it. Although you have persisted to get to this point with determination, the Internet age has completely revolutionized what it means to build a successful business, unfortunately leaving many business owners at a disadvantage. Luckily here at Rev Marketing 2 U, we offer invigorating website designs and marketing strategies to ensure that your business is launched successfully and has the tools to go far. Continue reading

Custom Designed Websites Make You Stand Out From the Crowd


Your business isn’t like any other, so why should your website look like other pages on the Internet? Your website is your company’s face.  It’s your image and your brand! If it isn’t unique, your target market is more likely to leave. The average bounce rate for eCommerce sites is over 30 percent, and 59 percent of shoppers abandon their carts. If your client base doesn’t stick around, they won’t have a chance to see what you offer. Continue reading