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    Rev Marketing understands that not all small businesses can afford to have their website designed by someone else.  That is why we are offering the ENIGMA website.  Click HERE to get started TODAY!

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When was the last time you updated your website? Do you have old information living on your website that your audience…and more importantly, can they tell? And how often should you be revamping your website? Okay, that’s a lot of questions….Let’s dive into it!! How often should you be updating the content of your website? Read More

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AUTHOR MARKETING STAGE 6 A virtual podcast can cover the nation and you NEVER leave home.  This used to be available only for authors with motivated agents or who were famous.  Now it’s available to all authors, and Rev Publishing will take care of this from beginning to end! This author podcast event is managed Read More

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AUTHOR MARKETING STAGE 5 The Virtual Author Talk (Stage 5 of Author Marketing) is held through a digital meeting platform  During each event, attendees will hear from you,  the author and then have an opportunity to submit questions through the chat feature for the author to answer live. This virtual author talk event is managed by the Rev Marketing Publishing Team Read More

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AUTHOR MARKETING STAGE 4 Stage 4 of Rev Publishing’s Author Marketing will be a virtual book signing. Here is where you, the author, will draw your signature in a browser window using a mouse. Or, you might use your finger on a tablet (though there is a script font option if preferred). All autographs are Read More

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  Is podcasting the new blogging… I wouldn’t go that far. Blogging will continue to be essential for your website to grow organically and boost SEO scores (getting you to the front page of Google). But not everyone has the time or even wants to read a lengthy blog post. And strictly from a content Read More

AUTHOR MARKETING STAGE 3 Authors will participate in a virtual interview using technology like video conferencing and other online communication platforms. Virtual interviews are often conducted much the same way as face-to-face interviews. This virtual interview event is managed by the Rev Marketing Publishing Team for you, the author. Click HERE to schedule a FREE 20 minute consultation with Read More

AUTHOR MARKETING-STAGE TWO   Stage 2-Virtual Book Release Launch Event One of the best marketing techniques that you can use is to host a book launch event. Even in a world of quarantine!  So how do you go about doing this which also helps market your book, virtually! Book launches are any form of activity Read More

STAGE ONE-AUTHOR  MARKETING Stage 1-Digital Pre-Order Book Release Event What is a digital pre-order event you may be asking?  And if you are, the simple answer is that preorders are books ordered prior to publication.  Readers will preorder books for a lot of reasons.  Just a couple of those reasons could be they are fans Read More

6 Stages Of Author Marketing Have you written a book, whether for fun or work, and want to take that next step and market it to the public?  At Rev Marketing Publishing we know that doing it yourself can be a daunting task, that is why we have designed our 6 Stages of Author Marketing. Read More