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When was the last time you updated your website? Do you have old information living on your website that your audience…and more importantly, can they tell? And how often should you be revamping your website? Okay, that’s a lot of questions….Let’s dive into it!! How often should you be updating the content of your website? Read More

why you need a podcast

  Is podcasting the new blogging… I wouldn’t go that far. Blogging will continue to be essential for your website to grow organically and boost SEO scores (getting you to the front page of Google). But not everyone has the time or even wants to read a lengthy blog post. And strictly from a content Read More

apple vs facebook

50% of Americans use an iPhone, what are you going to do to effectively advertise your business on Facebook once the new Apple privacy policy update is rolled out?   So, what is this new update that Apple is expected to roll out soon?! In a nutshell, when users open their facebook app (or any Read More

Would you believe me if I said that 79% of marketing leads are never converted into sales?! Let’s see what we can do to boost those conversions! What does your sales playbook look like in 2021? One (of the many) things that COVID has taught me is the need to be AGILE in an ever-changing Read More

Scale up your Mondays with our new “Mastering Mondays” series from Rev Marketing. Start your Monday’s off right with the do’s and don’ts about websites and marketing and be the first to get tips for how you can increase your ranking on Google.  Are you ready?! Let’s GO! The ugly truth about blogging… IT HAS Read More