By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. To use a phone script or not to use a phone script is an age-old business question. A poorly crafted phone script can be frustrating for customers and can prevent a sale from happening. Phone scripts can also be a business owner’s best friend. Here are a […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. By law, any business that makes a profit must register that business as one of many designations. Two of the most common types of businesses entities are sole proprietorship and corporations. For anyone interested in conducting business and making revenue, they must know the distinctions between these […]

Rev Marketing 2U Serving Business Owners By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Touched by the entrepreneurial spirit? Got a great idea for a small business, but don’t know where to start? We’re Rev Marketing 2 U an innovative development company that can help you get your business up and running in practically no […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. The fact that the government, through the enactment and enforcement of numerous policies, guidelines, rules and regulations affects the creation and running of a business comes as no surprise to any of us, especially those of us attempting to operate a profitable business concern. These laws fall […]