How much you should need to spend By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Every new small business entrepreneur is deeply concerned with how much effort they need to devote to their marketing. People need to know about your great products and services if they’re going to patronize you.

Helping The Business Market for Success by Tracy Lee Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Marketing is an intricate process. It involves the creation of product or service value through effective communication with the consumer, and thereby creating a market for the product. Marketing has become a huge enterprise and a field that requires […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U Inc. Online marketing has become an essential part of the world’s economic progress. In the relatively short time online marketing has been matching customers with sellers, it has become perhaps the most reliable marketing tool ever developed. Early on, many well-established businesses viewed online marketing as a gimmick, […]

Getting More Leads… By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Every business has its own way of doing things and its own set of plans that work just for that business. Many businesses use the services of a variety of other businesses to help them become successful in their ventures. The prospect page is […]