By doing so you can change the lives of others around you By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Business owners are pillars around which communities revolve. Educators, public servants and volunteers also make big differences, but business owners have unique opportunities. Face it, business is as much a component of American life as […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Self-help books and audio books for entrepreneurs can change the way you think about your business. The world of self-help books is an underrated resource that all business owners should explore. In addition to being life changing, self-help books can change the future of your company. There […]

By Tracy Thomas Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. Performance management is one of the trickiest jobs a manager has. Many executives and team leaders are reluctant to tackle performance issues and to question A-Z excuses. Employee excuses can be funny, irritating, tiring or outrageous even if there is a legitimate reason. Accepting excuses is one […]

Bullying is seen everywhere. By Tracy Thomas Many people believe that they outgrew bullies when they left school, but this isn’t the truth. Adult bullies are found online and in professional offices. When bullies are around, it’s someone’s responsibility to protect the rest of the team.