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Boost your brand’s visibility (reach and frequency), image, reputation and “street cred” with expert articles attributed to you, distributed far and wide!

Content syndication, which is the process of publishing your content into the websites of third party sources, if a great way for businesses to improve visibility and drive engagement with the high-quality loyal audiences of third party websites. We can syndicate your favorite pieces of content, say a blog post that shows the high level of thinking or innovation your company engages in, or a video that you know can become viral if given a proper head start. A good idea is to syndicate as much website, blog, social media or video content as possible to gain the full benefits of content syndication.

Rev Marketing 2 U takes your content to syndication partners around the world

  • Syndication with authoritative websites
  • Syndicated partners list building
  • 100 percent relevance guarantee (we find the most authoritative websites that are highly relevant to your products and services in particular, and don’t push your content unnecessarily on meaningless websites)
  • 100 percent visibility guarantee
  • Associated SEO benefits of being published on leading websites of the industry
  • Best prices in industry

We simplify the process of syndication for you while making your products and services get more exposure from out content partners. Use appropriate methods to appeal to different syndication partners – thumbnail images, custom selected URLs or RSS feeds, paragraph excerpts, titles and the like. We know which partner wants what and we provide it to them to have your content syndicated.

Team up content creation and syndication services for better results

Since the quality of content you create is valuable in determining how well (or not) it gets received by syndication partners, it makes good business sense to outsource both content creation and syndication to the same company. Contact us today to discuss special prices and package deals! Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. is offering a FREE 20 minute Rev-Consultation. Whether you are seeking to create a brand identity, online reputation management, marketing or a website that works for you 24/7, we are here to serve at