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Content is the undisputed king in the realm of online marketing. What good are your premium products, outstanding services and innovative ideas, in terms of revenue generation, if a large majority of your target audience is clueless about them? You’ll agree, not much. Good content is needed in every section of your sales and marketing funnel. Without good content you cannot:

  • Drive traffic to your website from search engines
  • Convince your audience that your products and services meet their needs
  • Convince them that they need to choose you over your competitors
  • Demonstrate your capacity to peers, the media and stakeholders and climb the top of your industry ladder.

Notice the emphasis of “good content”? It wasn’t without purpose. Websites with low-quality, irrelevant or uninteresting content see bounce rates as high as 90.2 percent! Thus, by lacking in providing good content, you risk losing up to 90 site visitors after the first few seconds, out of every 100 that land on your website. That sure can’t be good!

Content writing services at Rev Marketing 2 U

Rev Marketing 2 U specializes in meeting the specific content needs of a variety of businesses in niche sectors. We have a team of hand-picked, professional copywriters who know all the tricks of the trade. By using the content writing services at Rev Marketing 2 U, you get:

  • Compelling landing page copies that actually help make a sale
  • Finest scripts that ensure (both online and offline) marketing-campaign success
  • Interesting and engaging website content (blog posts and articles) that occupy readers and increase their time on your website
  • First-rate original content (research, white-papers, e-books) that demonstrate your capabilities and thought leadership
  • Authoritative and high-quality corporate content that please your business partners, shareholders, associates and other stakeholders
  • Bite-sized, informative and sharable content that WOW! your social media audience
  • And, every other piece of content you need along the way to becoming a respected content creator in your industry

Did we mention that prompt revisions (till you’re actually satisfied) and timely delivery is another guarantee? Don’t wait another minute before claiming your business success with crisp, effective content writing. Contact us today! From our team to your team we thank you for visiting this site and to show our appreciation Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. is offering a FREE 20 minute Rev-Consultation. Whether you are seeking to create a brand identity, online reputation management, marketing or a website that works for you 24/7, we are here to serve at