Host a Wine and Food Pairing Party

Host a Wine and Food Pairing Party

By Go2 Winery


Wine and cheese parties have been done to death. If you want to stand out from the crowd and impress your friends, you need to have food and wine pairing parties. If you are a wine lover, you can show off your food and wine pairing skills to your friends by hosting such parties. It is also an excellent way of educating others about how to pair wine and food correctly. If you are able to pair exotic food with wine the right way, then even better.


One course with several wines


One way to have a food and wine pairing party is to have one featured main course with which you can pair several wines. Make sure that all the wines are similar or have something in common. For example, they can all be white wines from a certain region or you can choose Carbernet Sauvignon wines to pair with a featured dish. If you want to be more adventurous and truly do know a lot about wines, then you can select different types of wines from different regions to pair with the main dish.


You and your guests can discover how one dish can be paired with so many different wines and your guests will be pleasantly surprised with some of the pairings. Before the party, you can experiment with wines and the dish even if you think theoretically the wines should not work with the dish.


One wine with several dishes


If you love one wine in particular and want to share the joys of this wine with your friends, then you can pair this wine with many different dishes for your party. You can create several small dishes that you know will work well with the wine of your choice and impress your friends with your wine selection and pairing skills. If you don’t want to limit your guests to just one wine, then you can select a small group of similar wines and pair them with different dishes to bring out the nuances of each. Having food and wine pairing parties is an excellent way of educating yourself and your friends about how to make surprising yet completely delicious food and wine pairings.


Pair wines with exotic food


Most people stick to pairing only French, Italian and Spanish food with wines. Even though wine may not have been traditionally drunk in Asian countries, they still pair very well with Asian cuisines. When you are hosting a wine and food pairing party, be adventurous by pairing wines with exotic cuisines like Indian, Chinese or Thai and surprise your guests. There are no hard and fast rules with pairing wines like some would have you believe. Here are some ideas that will help you throw creative wine and food parties for your friends and family.


  • Spicy food like Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. dishes pair really well with wines that are slightly sweet and highly acidic.
  • Japanese food goes very well with champagne
  • German Riesling should be paired with Thai food


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Host a Wine and Food Pairing Party
By Go2 Winery