Mobile Optimization


Responsive-Mobile Friendly Websites

Turn Customers Into Brand Ambassadors With Feature-Rich, Mobile-Optimized Websites and Content Attention business owners and marketers: are you providing the website experience your customers long for? Mobile-optimized websites are the need of the hour. With desktops and PC long replaced by mobile devices, the Internet, along with everything it provides, is now on the go! Your customers are browsing through emails on the go. They’re searching for products and purchasing them on the go. They’re talking about you on their social media pages on the go. And you need to facilitate them! Mobile optimization will allow you to:

Win Customers

Win customers over with faster load speeds, tailored content and improved user experience – 51 percent of emails (including those with marketing content) are opened using mobile devices. 70 percent of these folks delete emails that were not optimized for mobile and understandably, didn’t render well on their smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. Further, 57 percent of mobile consumers abandon a website if it doesn’t load within three seconds. Another 30 percent abandon a shopping cart in the middle of a purchase, if it is not optimized for mobile devices!

Boost marketing-campaign results

Boost marketing-campaign results by integrating online content with offline media – QR codes, download-and-print coupons and similar options reinforce your marketing message, increase brand recognition and boost conversion.

Make use of new advertising opportunities

You can push highly-targeted, location specific ads and marketing materials to customers and boost foot traffic to store, traffic to landing page as well as sales.

Beat the competition

39 percent of businesses have no mobile strategy at all! A mobile optimized website is all you will need to get more business than this 39 percent. Rev Marketing 2 U simplifies the otherwise complex science behind mobile optimization and increased ROI. Get your mobile-friendly website and the ticket to higher sales today! (Yes, it’s true – 51 percent of U.S. consumers said they were more likely to shop at an online store if it had a mobile website!) Don’t waste another minute before booking the best-in-business for developing a responsive and mobile optimized website and content for you! Get started now! From our team to your team we thank you for visiting this site and to show our appreciation Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. is offering a FREE 20 minute Rev-Consultation. Whether you are seeking to create a brand identity, online reputation management, marketing or a website that works for you 24/7, we are here to serve at