Online Marketing That Needs Help


Your Basic Marketing Assessment And Checklist Is Complete. This scoring system is based on three levels of scoring a websites marketing effectiveness online.

What does this mean to the search engines and those seeking your business?

The higher your score the more search engines (Google) will show those searching for your product and or service on the web. The lower the score the less you are seen on the internet. The life of a business and their financial status and growth expectations are changed in just a short period of time when the score is raised on the website with a well-built platform and a marketing campaign.

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Online Website That Needs Help

0-71 Points

The first step to getting seen is having a website online. We are excited to see you are online and that you have a website marketing plan.

However, this level of score reflects the following:

  1. Marketing that needs immediate HELP to improve marketing effectiveness
  2. Reflects a poor score and weak marketing campaign that can be improved on
  3. Losing prospective clients to competitors and their marketing campaigns


No worries though, we help people with this every day all day long.

I want to give you a couple of tips and tools that can help you out, or our Rev Team can help guide and assist you in taking your business to the next level with your online marketing.


A Few Tips! 

1. Marketing Platform (website) Tied Into Your Organic Marketing.

Research And Learn DYI Or Consult With Or Hire A Digital Agency With The Following:

  • a) Audio and Video Podcast System For Your Website (Not External)
  • b) Blog System For Your Website That Allows Content, Images and Video
  • c) Review System Built To Manage Reviews And Customer Service
  • d) A Chatbot System That Drives Company Objectives And Offers
  • e) Utilize an Offer System That You Can Change And Track Offers
  • f) Have a Subscription System onboard your website



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