Online Marketing That Needs More Focus


Your Basic Marketing Assessment And Checklist Is Complete. This scoring system is based on three levels of scoring a websites marketing effectiveness online.

What does this mean to the search engines and those seeking your business?

The higher your score the more search engines (Google) will show those searching for your product and or service on the web. The lower the score the less you are seen on the internet. The life of a business and their financial status and growth expectations are changed in just a short period of time when the score is raised on the website with a well-built platform and a marketing campaign.

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Online Marketing That Needs More Focus

72-103 Points

This may not have been the best scoring level, but this is a serious step in the right direction with your online footprint (presence) and the future of your success online. With this ever-changing world and people flocking to online to find their product and service your marketing and website must work in unison to yield the highest results.

Cultivating a marketing plan that suits your company objectives is the key to your online success. I recently wrote a new book to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow faster and take them to the next level, the book “Stacking Success” Business Secrets explains this in detail, step by step.

“Stacking Success” Business Secrets

Strategy: Strategic planning is where SUCCESS BEGINS in business and marketing.

Tactical: Tactical executions allow for a FOCUSED APPROACH to one’s strategy.

Authority: In a competitive world you must STAND OUT as an INFLUENCER within your industry

Channels: Choosing the RIGHT MARKETING channels in your marketplace to enhance growth

Keys: Monitoring and Measuring success with 3 RESULT ORIENTED steps; Solution-Action-Result (SAR)

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Understanding how these will work is essential to growing your business online. With content still being king, we need to align a podcast, blog, and a few other add-ons that will grow your online footprint easily and quickly.

Your site can easily make You and Your Business king of content. We have developed a DYI Marketing Schedule for those that score 104 or higher. You are almost there!

Try Google Analytics, and you can cater your content to your audience, adjust deficiencies on your website, with your marketing and so much more.