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Harnessing the Power of Your Website + Podcasting

Don’t purchase a subscription to host your podcast on another third party website. Host your podcast on your very own website so your followers know where to find you!

Rev Podcasting puts your podcasts on your own website and doesn’t send them somewhere else….the benefit is more traffic on your own site, which will help you rank higher when your audience is searching for you!

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Benefits of hosting your podcast on your own website versus somewhere else

Attract New Leads with Expert Videos

Build Your Business Brand Faster

Grow Your Business Organically Online

Increase Visitor Time on Site

Grow Your Own Website With Each Upload

Unlimited Episodes

Tell Your Story, Your Way

Target Your Audience’s Pain Points

Forge a Marketing Magnet

Viewers Share Your Content

Get Leads That Want Your Products & Services

Control Your Own Content Filters

Build Your Email Subscriber List

Develop New Relationships with Your Buyers

Intuitive, Straightforward Navigation

All of Your Content in One Place

Keep Your Content Library Even if You Cancel

You Own Your Content

We made publishing a podcast EASY!
If you can post on Facebook, you can post a podcast!

Publish your podcasts on your website in 3 easy steps

  1. Your Podcast automatically pushes to all major podcast platforms through your RSS feed
  2. Track your stats and progress with analytics
  3. Learn about what your audience is interested in
  4. Use audience insights to grow your business
  5. Increase traffic to your own website, not some other platform

Get better connected to your clients, followers, students, and employees with video podcasts. Get the tools you need today to keep putting money in your pocket while staying safe. Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity to create something magical…and if you don’t have a podcast yet, then you are missing out!

Get your Free Podcast Set-up ($500 Value) + Free 5 Step Blueprint for a successful podcast launch now!

Have existing podcasts?

No problem!

We will help you migrate your content! (up to 10 podcasts for Free!) This is not just an embedded player that will count as a bounce on your website (reflecting negatively for SEO purposes), it is a fully integrated podcast platform.

Features of Rev Podcasting

Podcasts are Hosted on Your Website

Unlimited Audio and Video Episodes

Automatic RSS Feed

Podcast Statistics

Easy Episode Publishing

100% Mobile-Friendly User Experience

Distribute Everywhere, Anytime

Worldwide Distribution

Fully Customized Website Experience

Add Tags and Descriptions to Increase Your Site’s SEO

Increase Your Success with a Blog Platform

Upload and Stream Both Audio and Video Podcasts

Speed Up the Learning Curve for Your Audience

Get your Free Podcast Set-up ($500 Value) + Free 5 Step Blueprint for a successful podcast launch now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up a podcast?

Don’t worry about having to learn anything technical to upload a podcast. If you can post to Facebook, then you can publish a podcast with the RevTalks Podcast platform in 3 easy steps.

How can I migrate my previous podcasts?

When you speak with a solution specialist just let them know you have podcasts that need to be moved. Our team will work with you and get the content up on your site!

What statistics do I get on my podcasts?

Views and watch times are easy to track so you can see your most popular podcasts and keep giving your followers what they want!

Why is it important to keep my followers on my own site?

Having visitors stay on your site increases your SEO score. That means the more people who come to your site to listen to your podcasts, the higher you will rank on Google. If increasing your SEO score is something you want to focus on, then a podcast is right for you!

How can podcasting help my business?

Podcasting helps you build a relationship with your audience, whether it is clients, followers, students, or employees. Trust for your business grows with your growing podcast.