Rev Talks Podcast Platform

Where Your Story Is Told And Others Watch & Listen.

RevTalks isn’t just another directory style podcast system that sends traffic to their platform. This is a robust platform that allows you to drive more traffic to your website, raising your page one ranking for more exposure to your target market.

We have TWO Platforms

Built by Rev Marketing for business owners. The RevTalks Influencer Platform offers two platforms. One is for podcasting for audio and video. The second one is Virtual Online Training classes. For MORE Information on each, please click below.

RevTalks Podcast

Revtalk podcasting Podcast Platform

RevTalks Virtual Training

RevTalks training video page Virtual Training Platform

Here Is What It Looks Like!

RevTalks webpage sample
Rev Talks podcast platform logo

Here Is Why You Need The RevTalks Podcast Platform On Your Website.

  • Become the INDUSTRY AUTHORITY in Your Market 
  • Tell Your STORY Or Show Your STORY On Video
  • Let People CONNECT With You And They WILL FOLLOW YOU
  • Podcast Are WAY MORE Engaging Then Blogs, It’s SO SIMPLE
  • RSS Feed from RevTalks Platform to Apple and Google Approved Podcast Platforms

Here Is What It Looks Like!

RevTalks video portal

Here Is Why You Need The RevTalks Virtual Training Platform On Your Website

  • Give Members easy access to ALL TRAINING PLATFORMS
    • Links to On-Demand Training-RevTalks Virtual Training Platform
    • Links to your Live Training Platform – Zoom, Skype, etc
    • Links to your Private Lesson Platform – Zoom, Skype, etc
  • Customizable Point System
  • Notes to Instructors
  • Access Control

Are You Still Thinking About It?

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Yes! STOP Thinking About It, 

And START Growing TODAY!

Here Is WHAT It Will…. and What It Won’t Do.

What It Will Do!

  • Build Your BRAND Faster
  • GROW Your Business 
  • Let’s People Hear, See and Feel Your Story
  • Create a MARKETING Magnet 
  • Let YOUR Market SHARE, SHARE and SHARE 
  • Let Your FOLLOWERS Download
  • GRAB Leads That Want Your Product & Service
  • BUILD a BIGGER Website Each Upload

What It Won’t Do!

  • Won’t SEND Traffic To Someone Else’s Site 
  • Won’t BUILD An Audience For Your Competition
  • Confuse YOUR Market With Other Podcasters