Social Media PPC


Social Media Pay Per Click Marketing

Powerful and proven social media marketing tools plus tactics to drive revenue through the roof

Social media marketing is ESSENTIAL for the success of your business. We’ll cut straight to the chase and tell you that Rev Marketing 2 U is a straightforward, no-nonsense, low-cost social media marketing firm, which provides social media marketing strategies and services that actually work!

What you get in our social media package:

Blog management

Including the setup, maintenance and optimization of blogs, blog writing, guest blogging and blogging strategy development.

Social media profiles management

Including periodic (daily, bi-weekly, weekly, or a period that you prefer) social media posts, replying to comments, engaging with social media audience through popular posts and trending news, across multiple social media profiles.

Advertising management

Creating and managing online advertising campaigns across multiple search engines. We specialize in pay-per-click advertising (PPC) on Google (AdWords), Yahoo! (Yahoo! Search Marketing) and Bing (Bing Pay-Per-Click).

Community involvement

Increasing interactions, and therefore visibility, on online communities that are most relevant to your business in particular. Monitoring interactions on these communities to keep you informed of industry trends and target audience’s topics of interest.

Guidelines, best-practices, software recommendations and marketing intelligence

Developing short and long-term social media marketing strategies, implementation routines, content calender, sharing tips, tricks and tactics for success in social media marketing campaigns, providing recommendations for tools, technology and apps and increasing your overall marketing intelligence.

Performance measurement

Establishing benchmarks, measuring performance of individual social-media-marketing elements (blogs, LinkedIn account, Twitter handle, Facebook and Google+ profiles, PPC ads, community websites and the like) and providing insights for improvement.

Competitive analysis

A/B testing, testing keywords, social signals and the like against competitors and conducting detailed competition analysis for social media marketing success. Since the success of our social media marketing services depends upon the success of your social media marketing campaigns, you can rest assured we’ll leave no stone unturned to have you included in the league of the movers and shakers of social media. But remember, social media marketing is a constantly evolving field where time is of the essence. The sooner we begin working together, the faster you’ll see a jump in your revenues. Give us a call today! Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. is offering a FREE 20 minute Rev-Consultation. Whether you are seeking to create a brand identity, online reputation management, marketing or a website that works for you 24/7, we are here to serve at