This Is Where Effective Website Marketing Begins


Your Basic Marketing Assessment And Checklist Is Complete. This scoring system is based on three levels of scoring a websites marketing effectiveness online.

What does this mean to the search engines and those seeking your business?

The higher your score the more search engines (Google) will show those searching for your product and or service on the web. The lower the score the less you are seen on the internet. The life of a business and their financial status and growth expectations are changed in just a short period of time when the score is raised on the website with a well-built platform and a marketing campaign.

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This Is Where Effective Website Marketing Begins

104-120 Points

A BIG Congratulations!

Your marketing effectiveness is on the correct path and now the goal is to complete connecting your website and marketing objectives to the wants and needs of your business.

So many times we have seen a business that has hired different agencies for social media, website, marketing, branding and so much more. The concern is that they aren’t one agency and they are not utilizing the same brand messaging which quite often confuses the prospective clientele.

There is:

  1. Do It Yourself (DYI) where the business owner manages it themselves at a much lower level.
  2. Hire a family or friend which is quite often is more costly
  3. Hire a digital agency or consultant as Rev Marketing which has a high success rate and ROI.

We all know as business owners wear a lot of hats and have a great deal on their plate with running a business. Let us take a look at two methods that can help drive your company forward.

There are two ways to manage this successfully.

  1. Hire a consultant to build a marketing / development plan geared towards company objectives that allows business owner, family and friends to follow the plan with its marketing tactics and strategies.
  2. Hire a digital agency such as Rev Marketing to professionally manage the marketing campaigns, website pages to match the personas of those campaigns.

Try Google Analytics, and keep your site up and performing well. Once you have done this please feel free to take this website assessment a second time.



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