Web Maintenance


Monthly Maintenance… Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc.

So you have a SEO-friendly website with a user-friendly design and informative content, that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax and wait for customers to line up. Websites are among those things that require to be polished every now and then so they serve their purpose and function smoothly. Here are some reasons why businesses need to conduct a monthly maintenance check on their website.

Stay up to date

The Google search engine is fond of new content. A website that’s stagnant does not have a good chance of staying at the top of search results, it’s sites that include new revisions, edits and additions that do so. This is when you can make any updates you want on your site, whether it’s products, coupons, news, press releases, images, or staff profiles, to name a few. This is when you can have those broken links to external/internal sites fixed or removed. This way your website will be up-to-date when customers visit. There are also numerous plugins and updates that are released once in every few months. A maintenance check service provider can install these every month, so your site functions smoothly without any lags.

Back up your information

A monthly maintenance check is when you can get a back up on all the information on your site. Think of it, many websites today have been hacked, and if your website were to be next, you want to make sure that your preserve all the effort, work and money that went into building it. Backing up the information on your site will help you maintain a secure copy of it with you all the time. To keep your website updated and functioning in top-notch form, simply fill out our form so we can take it forward.