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Why Do Websites Matter?

Why do Websites Matter for a Quality Business?

The Importance of Online Presence


In 2020, a successful business must own a website. The reason is simple. Most people are looking for online information when it comes to choosing services or gaining knowledge. When you look at the trends, a large number of websites don’t even have a website of their own. Different studies showcase different results. But by compiling and taking the average, we found out that 40% to 50% of businesses don’t own a website. 


We think that every business must have a website. You have to work with a marketing and web development agency to have a professional website built up from scratch. This post summarizes the importance of websites and why do websites matter for a quality business.


Importance of the Online Presence


1.     89% of users use search engines to buy products/services


With businesses moving towards the internet, it has become an easy way to do business – with minimum investments involved. A study showcased that 89% of users use search engines for purchase decisions.


So if your business does not have an online presence, you are from the 11% that’s left. Giving a rough guess, 50-60% of people would start to look online before buying an actual product or service from the local market.


2.     Having an online presence promotes easy accessibility



Owning a website makes it’s effortless for people to find you. Also, people can read the type of information they want without visiting your office.


We know that it is still possible for your business to show on search engines without having a website. However, having a website promotes professionalism and trust. We think that these two things are most important when it comes to running a successful business.


3.     It promotes Professionalism and Trust


Many customers are looking for trust when they are trying to buy something online. If you don’t even have a website, you won’t be getting nearly as much conversion as you’ll get with websites.


Having an online presence promotes trust and professionalism. You can talk to your clients/customers and listen to the audience for a complete evolution.


4.     Positive ROI – Every businesses dream


Most small businesses and even enterprise-level firms get quite skeptical when it comes to the cost of an online presence. Hence, they end up skipping this part.


However, it’s a false myth. Having an online presence gives a great return on investment. If building up a website is heavy on your pocket, just know that 89% of people search online when buying a product. That’s where you are going to aim. After some time, you will see so many sales and leads generation that the ROI will surely be positive!


5.     An online presence gives you wider opportunities


You can have offices all over the world. But managing them is another point. Just by a single website, you can target as many states and or countries as you like. In other words, online presence gives you a broader range of opportunities.


By selling your services online, you can gain trust, benefits, and values from all over the world. For example, if you’re an SEO firm, most of your services come online anyways. As you don’t need offices all over the world, you can provide your service from anywhere in the world.



So should you have an online presence in 2020?


Definitely! Having a Website matters the most nowadays. Especially in this pandemic era, you wouldn’t want your business to go irrelevant. Building a website is fairly simple in 2020. However,  plan on setting up a marketing platform website like a profession, we suggest working with a web design and marketing agency.



Article submission by: Tracy Thomas

Article approved and posted by; Rev Marketing Digital Agency

Tracy Lee Thomas



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