Rev Marketing 2 U Services

Rev Marketing 2 U provides and supports a powerful array of innovative, top quality products and services to maximize your gains from the leading edge of internet and multimedia marketing! Friendly support services and easy-to-use tools reduce time, labor, and expense of managing your outreach, minimizing overhead while increasing efficiency.

Video Production

Contact us for documentaries, commercials, infomercials, marketing videos, corporate videos, brand videos, events coverage (product launch, sales event, special events), green screen studio productions, funny behind-the-scenes videos, and just about every other video requirement you have. Your brand identity and brand power will thank you!

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Copy Writing

Content is the undisputed king in the realm of online marketing. What good are your premium products, outstanding services and innovative ideas, in terms of revenue generation, if a large majority of your target audience is clueless about them? You’ll agree, not much. Good content is needed in every section of your sales and marketing funnel.

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Digital Photography

Premium photography for your website because a picture really is worth a thousand words. Your website NEEDS images for the simple reason that a website without images is one without any readers. Images attract attention faster than texts, and improve legibility of the entire content. Further, they affect the quality of information our brain filters, saves and later, remembers.

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Content Syndication

We can syndicate your favorite pieces of content, say a blog post that shows the high level of thinking or innovation your company engages in, or a video that you know can become viral if given a proper head start. A good idea is to syndicate as much website, blog, social media or video content as possible to gain the full benefits of content syndication.

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Web Maintenance

So you have a SEO-friendly website with a user-friendly design and informative content, that doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax and wait for customers to line up. Websites are among those things that require to be polished every now and then so they serve their purpose and function smoothly. Here are some reasons why businesses need to conduct a monthly maintenance check on their website.

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