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Becoming an author doesn’t need to be difficult.

Writing books is the key differentiator and Rev Marketing will help you stand out.

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Are you a leader in your business industry looking to get started as a first-time author or are launching/relaunching a book that you have already written?
Rev Marketing will help you place those confusing puzzle pieces together



We know the difficulties of getting a book ready…writing, editing, design, formatting, publishing, and so much more. The Rev Team is here to serve.

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Build your credentials with an author website and be recognized as the expert in your industry. Your online author footprint starts here.

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Get your book seen today with online marketing, social media, podcasting, and digital pieces. Become the expert in your industry.

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To give yourself an edge in business you need to start putting together a new puzzle – a business puzzle. And becoming an author and getting your book published requires a whole different set of skills to get that puzzle done. Rev Marketing will help you place those confusing puzzle pieces together so you can become an author and start growing your legacy. Becoming an author will give your business an advantage over your competitors – seize the opportunity!

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The world is waiting for your book. Rev Marketing offers affordable book writing and editing services that turn your rough draft into polished prose.


Proper ebook formatting makes for an enjoyable reading experience. Getting it done is the hard part…and where we shine.


We are ready to get your ebook online and have simplified the process for you.


One of the most important aspects of marketing your book is the cover. Let our team design it for you to enhance your sales volume.


Rev Marketing is ready to print your book on demand – when your customers are ready for them. There are no requirements to carry inventory.


Creating milestones for your book to match your publication objectives are essential; whether the goal is book sales or building a credible presence within an industry.

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Stacking the Success

Stacking The Success

Jiu-Jitsu For Life!

Jiu-Jitsu For Life! Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat

The Life Skills Of Leaders

The Life Skills Of Leaders

Create a Happy & Harmonious Home

Create a Happy & Harmonious Home

Why GREAT Book Cover Designs Are So Important.


Everyone has heard of the old cliche, “Don’t judge a book by the cover.” While this is true in many aspects of life, when it comes to book cover designs…guess what, people will judge your book by the cover.


If you want people to take a chance on an author they haven’t heard of, you need to have a really great cover. This is the first thing your potential readers will see and will create that first impression. This is where your marketing journey starts with your book: the cover.


You need to properly align your objectives of being an author with your specific business goals. Our Rev Consulting Team will help identify your goals and objectives and align them with a marketing development plan that meets your wants and needs online and within your business. It’s not necessarily about becoming a best selling author (although possible), but about becoming a leader within your industry.

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The Rev Marketing team is built of professionals that are in sync with your needs and are goal oriented to deliver you an ROI. Our mission is simple… do what it takes to get the job done and get our clients in front of your audience as an author build your credibility and authority within your industry.

We will get your book noticed. Your audience will see you as a leader, an industry expert, a credible source, and authority in the field.
Pursue your goals and achieve financial and personal freedom by becoming an author. We will identify your specific goals and objectives in the FREE consulting session with one of our team members.
Once we have placed your puzzle pieces together for your book, you will be seen as the authority in your field. Rev Marketing offers a FREE author road map during your 20 minute consulting session.


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Tracy Thomas
I have been an author for years and it has been a struggle until I utilized Rev Marketing. It is very challenging with formatting issues, uploading, getting others to download, sales, book covers, utilizing an authored book to be an authority piece and so much more. Rev Marketing has multiple levels of service for authors and I utilize them all for each and every book.
Visit their website and check out their service, I highly recommend Rev Marketing for all of your author needs.

T. L. Thomas

— Author
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Rev Marketing and its Rev Team have been working to help grow businesses around the world for over 30 years. Our Team will help you become the authority and provide valuable credentials within your industry.

  • Author websites are built to yield results

  • Digital marketing for authors to grow their business and brand

  • Author specific development planning & strategies

  • Consulting services focusing on becoming an author

  • Full-service online book launch

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Rev Marketing will arm you with a Strong Plan, Advisory Service or Customized Coaching & Consulting Program.

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Rev Marketing develops a strategic and development plan designed to engage prospective clientele with a focus on the author’s objectives. Our Rev Team believes in delivering a top of the line author consulting services that places all of your business puzzle pieces together.

A website is more than a website at Rev Marketing. An Author Website is the online foundation or marketing platform in which your online reputation, testimonial and reviews, blogs, and digital footprint is founded. Our Rev Team builds customized website platforms developed with your mission in mind and to handle all of the objectives to growing online as an author.

When it comes to getting your product and service seen online, the Rev Team delivers. From Digital Marketing programs to comprehensive custom-built online marketing strategies, we align business profit margins, goals and budget. Rev Marketing delivers a strong ROI. Yes, launching a book can be scary. However, over the years the Rev Team has rolled out various author services that simplify this for all levels of authors.

The Rev Marketing services include ghost writing, websites, marketing, formatting and uploading books online, printed versions, assistance with scheduling and marketing author webinars and public speaking engagements. Whether you are seeking a single author related service or a dynamic full range author service the Rev Marketing Team can assist with fulfilling your dreams as an author.

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Did you know there are around 150,000 people on the list of authors for the United States, that’s about 0.04% of the population. Almost 2 percent of Americans have a doctoral degree, and 1.5 percent have earned a professional degree that requires study beyond a four-year bachelor's course. 9.3 percent of adults over 25 have a master's degree. Writing books is definitely the NEW differentiator and its not just about that degree anymore. You need to stand out and be seen with uniqueness- becoming an author does just that.

Giving yourself an edge in business requires building a different type of business puzzle. There are many puzzle pieces to get the title author and get a book online. Writing books is definitely the NEW differentiator and Rev Marketing helps YOU place those confusing puzzle pieces together to become an author. Self-publishing is basically the new PhD and If you want the Unfair Advantage, that NEW differentiator… well, it’s time to become an Author and get your book launched.

Did you know that Amazon sells almost 500 million eBooks per year and with free downloads and other online alternatives people are becoming the most credible influencers within their industry because they have become an author. Self-publishing is challenging with writing, formatting, uploading, book covers, launching book and so much more. Rev Marketing delivers a full-scale author service that will get you seen as the leader within the industry.