Business Brand and Identity

Business Brand and Identity


The vision you have for your business and the way you present your business to the world is your identity. Businesses cannot sustain without a brand name in the market and industry because that’s how they are recognized. In other words, a business is identified by its “brand image.” This identity is how your clients and customers see you.


Building a brand identity


Brand identity is the defining characteristic of your business. A brand is not just the logo of your company or the company’s vision and mission. It is way more than these things. It is comparable to the total personality of your business. Brand identity is the complete image and persona your company carries, which cannot be built in one day.


If someone tells you the name of a well-known company, you immediately get an image in your mind. This image you have of the company is what a brand identity is really about. For instance, if we talk about the company Apple it reminds us of community involvement, volunteerism, and other services provided by the company. These values a company encourages are reflected in everything a company does.


The identity that is true to a company’s vision, with a focused employee involvement is brand identify. But the company should consistently aspire to live up to that image or vision. 


Choosing the right brand name


It is critical to choose a right name for your business so that your brand is not only distinct but is also associated immediately with its core competency. If the company’s name is not chosen carefully, clients will be confused about the activities or services provided by the company. So, you need to choose the right name for your business. If your business is local and dependent on local clientele, it may be quite right to give it a local name as for instance, London Taxi Service or New York Tourist Service. However, if your business has the scope to serve international clientele, a local name may defeat its purpose.


Names that are pun are not advisable unless you are looking for limited audience. While selecting a name for your business, it is better to take some time during which you can conduct a research to identify the appropriate name for your company. It is best to avoid sensitive words in a company’s name. 


Designing the logo


Designing a logo is not easy, for it is more than being creative. The person designing the logo must be familiar with the philosophy of your business to develop the brand or mark. A logo is just a symbol, but it is a symbol that speaks volumes. It should, at the same time, be able to appeal and make an impact on anyone who sees the logo.


The design of the logo should be memorable and appealing. That way, it could possibly suit the tastes of a wide range of audience. When working with a designer or designers who will craft your logo, it is best to give them detailed information about your company.


If you have a number of logo designs to choose from, chances are you will be able to choose the right log for your company. However, in the absence of many choices, it is quite possible that you will miss out on the best possible logo for your company.  Your logo is your brand and should be unique to you.


Article by Tracy Lee Thomas

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