Do-It-Yourself Google Ads: Danger!


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Google Ads is a great way to get your small business in front of potential customers who are actively searching for what you have to offer. However, there is a danger in trying to create do-it-yourself Google Ads without the help of a professional. 

Google Ads is an incredibly complex platform. To be effective, your ads need to be laser-focused and highly relevant to your target audience. You also need to constantly monitor and adjust your campaigns to ensure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck. If you’re not an experienced marketer, it can be easy to make costly mistakes that hurt your chances of success.   Let’s discuss the danger of do-it-yourself Google Ads:


1.  Wasting a Lot of Money

First off, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to blow through your entire advertising budget without getting any results. A professional helps set up your campaign in such a way that you get the most bang for your buck.


2.  Getting Banned

There are certain rules and regulations that come with running Google Ads. Violate any of these, your account could be banned and all of your ads will be taken down. A professional knows how to avoid any potential pitfalls that could get you banned.


3.  Ending Up With Bad-Quality Leads

Just because someone clicks on your ad, it doesn’t mean they’re actually interested in what you have to offer. Use the right keywords to target the right audience, or you could end up with a lot of leads that go nowhere. A professional can help you target the right people so that you’re not wasting time and money on leads that will never convert.


4.  Not Utilizing Negative Keywords

Another danger involves keywords.  Negative keywords are just as important as positive keywords, yet many DIY marketers overlook their importance. Ensure that only people who are actually interested in what you’re selling see your ad. Do this by using appropriate negative keywords that will prevent irrelevant searches. Without negative keywords, you’re likely wasting a lot of money on clicks from people who will never convert.


5.  Not Researching Your Keywords Properly

Keyword research is crucial for any successful Google Ads campaign.  It’s especially important if you’re running a small business with a limited budget. If you don’t take the time to properly research and select the right keywords, you could end up paying too much per click or targeting the wrong audience entirely. Both of these mistakes can quickly eat into the budget and leave you feeling frustrated with the results of your campaign.


6.  Not Tracking Your Results

Lastly, if you’re not tracking your results, how will you know if your Google Ads campaign is actually working? By setting up conversion tracking, you can see which keyword phrases are driving leads and sales.  You’ll also see which ones aren’t worth your investment. Without conversion tracking, you can waste a lot of money on clicks that don’t result in anything more than an empty wallet.


Google Ads is a powerful tool, but it’s not one that should be taken lightly. If you’re not experienced in online marketing, it’s best to leave your Google Ads campaign in the hands of a professional who knows what they’re doing. Trying to DIY your Google Ads campaign could end up costing you more in the long run—both in terms of money and time—than if you had just hired someone from the beginning.