Email Set Up Instructions

These emails are set-up on a custom server called

Due to the number of mail clients, mobile devices and computers our companies do not offer a service that assist with configuring emails on those devices.

Three Methods To Check Emails.

  1. Check Your Email Via Webmail Now.

Click Here:

Enter your user name and password.

  1. Here is another way.

Go to your…


  1. Add Your Email Too Your Mobile Devices and Computer.

Username: Is your full email address

Password: Use the email account’s password

Incoming Server:

IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995

Outgoing Server:

SMTP Port: 465

IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.

Quick Tips & Tricks

Don’t forget to change your password to one you can remember.

Please Auto Save The URL and Password: We recommend downloading this application on your phone and use this to save all your personal and company passwords and URL’s.

Spam is what it is. Our server is protected by spam assassin and a high-level security firewall that helps you stay protected.

Email Recommendations: Please take the time to set-up file folders and keep your emails organized. We have set this email up with 500 Mb for your inbox. Prior to exceeding this limit, you will receive a warning beforehand from the server. Once you exceed the limit the email will no longer receive emails, but you will be able to send. You will need to move emails into a folder or clean-up your emails by deleting unwanted emails.

Using mail Clients: Many times, the mail clients such as Outlook, Mac mail, Apple, Thunderbird, Windows mail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. have a free service to help assist setting up emails. Please feel free to contact your mail client.

How to Know If Your Email Account Is Working On Server: If you can login to webmail shown in step one and two above the email on the server is working correctly.

You Can’t Access Your Website, Email, or any website on our server: You may have entered a password incorrectly, multiple times and the server may have blocked your IP address. This is a security setting to stop hackers from accessing your account as we take security serious on all of our servers.

Email Inbox: Please clean-up your inbox. Your inbox will only hold 250MB

How To Test If I Have Been Blocked:

Here are two steps.

  1. Go to your website. If it reads “This site can’t be reached” or doesn’t show your website and you can google other products and services online there is a good chance your IP address has been blocked due to multiple attempts. The server tracks and records this information and what IP address has been blocked.
  2. Go to and see if the site shows up. If not, you have been blocked.

Has Your IP Address Been Blocked?


Three EASY Steps and We Will Clear Your Blocked IP Address and Get Your Email Back Up and Running.

  1. Check Your IP Address Here.
  2. Write Down Your IPv4 address number.
  3. Complete the support ticket and authorize clearing the IP address at and enter your IPv4 address number.

Don’t Forget Multiple Attempts (3 only) to access any website, email or anything on our server will get you blocked. If an IP address is blocked from one email or one person attempting access a website all others on that IP address (your business router) will also be blocked until you authorize clearing the blocked IP address due to a security concern noted by our server.