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Which Wine Glass to Choose

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A variety of wine glass options differing in type of glass, size of cup, length of stem, and most importantly material used, are available for everyday or special occasions these days.


It is very important to pick a wine glass that complements your wine well. If you’re the kind who likes to relax with a glass of wine over a meal or just in the evening while after a hectic day, you can do with an everyday glass that fits easy in your hand and is comfortable to use.


Types of glasses to be used for wines


Wine is first experienced through its smell, before you can even take the first sip. Owning a set of glasses that allows your reds to breathe, and keeps whites as chilled as possible, is vital to enjoying your wine in the best way possible. To best enjoy red wine, get glasses with a large base that allows your wine to swirl around the glass, letting it breathe and open up as much as it can. Glasses that hold twenty ounces or more will allow your wine to swish and play.


Clear and thin glass is always a better pick than a heavy, thick glass. Wine glasses that curve inward a bit enhance the aroma of the wine. Everyday wineglasses depend on your preference. French Bistro stemless wine glasses are all the rage now a days, however, most connoisseurs prefer using long and thin stemmed glasses. Crystal glasses make for  the perfect wine glasses. Beautiful and elegant, crystal glasses are ideal for special occasions and celebrations.


Keep a check on lead levels in the glass; less is more, especially when considering lead amounts before purchase. Owning a healthy as well as elegant collection of wine glasses would do beautifully for all occasions. The right glass will make the experience of drinking wine far more enjoyable and pleasurable.


Enjoying wine is a choice, enjoy the experience.


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