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Google Ads for Results!

Mastering Monday

Do you need results NOW?

I stand by the adage of content is king and one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is by continuously adding content, like blog posts. That’s how you play the long game – it can take time and patience. BUT (and that’s a big but), when you need results and conversions now, Google Ads are the way to go. And when done correctly, it can give you the boost you need! And even better is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad – also known as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Google Ads gets you to the top of the page on Google.

So how does it work?

You already know how Google works. If I want to start a garden, I will probably head over to Google and search “best vegetable seeds.” And if you have a business selling vegetable seeds, you want your business to show up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for that query! You, as a business owner, would head on over to the Google Ads marketplace, set a budget, and bid for those clicks. Seems pretty simple right?! It can get tricky and costly if not done correctly!

Well, then what’s the right way to do it?

A deep understanding of how to run Google Ads can take hours upon hours of trial and error and practice to master. But it comes down to a few things:


Choosing the right keywords will get you in front of your target audience and lead to conversions…money well spent. But choosing the wrong keywords can be expensive. And in order the choose the best keywords, you have to think like your customer. What would you search for if you are looking for your product? You should also research the competition. There are lots of third-party tools available for you to do keyword research to help with this! Lastly, your keywords should be linked to the wording in the PPC advertisement as well as on your landing page. Relevance matters to Google.

Target Audience

Make sure you are targeting the right people with your advertisement. If you only do business in Charlotte North Carolina, you don’t want people in California seeing your ads. You can select to advertise in regions, zip codes, or cities. 


Create an ad that is going to convert by knowing your audience. Create something that will drive your audience to click!


Make sure to set your budget to what you are ready to spend. Clicks can quickly ad up! One of the best ways is to work backward. Determine how much you can budget to spend for the month and divide by the number of days. If you can spend 1000 for the month, set your ad budget to $33 per day and monitor throughout the month.

Testing and Tracking

Google Ads and Google Analytics work well together. See how well your ads are performing and track conversions. This is an extremely important part of running Google Ads. If you are not tracking how well certain ads are performing, you won’t know what is best and how you should be making adjustments.

mastering monday quick tips

Here are some tips when getting started with Google AdWords

Keywords should be based on intent

You should be using keywords that indicate a higher likelihood that the desired action will be taken. Someone at the top of the funnel may just be looking to troubleshoot an issue. Someone at the bottom of the funnel who is ready to buy maybe comparing companies and looking for reviews. Using my seed example from earlier, at the top of the funnel I may use the search term “grow a garden” and further down the funnel as I am ready to buy I may use “Best vegetable seeds in Virginia Beach.”

It’s a huge undertaking…hire an expert

Make sure that you aren’t using clickbait in your advertisements. As I mentioned earlier, Google rewards relevancy, so your keywords should naturally flow to your advertisement and then to the copy on the landing page.

It’s can be a huge undertaking…hire an expert

This is a super basic intro to Google Ads. If you don’t have time to spend testing your campaigns, it is probably best to refer to an expert. It saves you the learning curve of finding out what does and does not work. Stick to what you do best! Speak to an expert and we can show you how we can help! Click below to schedule an appointment.






Happy Monday! Have a great and productive week!

Allyce Mitchell