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Mastering Monday

What is the best way to use social media marketing?

Is your business the next Wendy’s of Twitter? Even if you are not a Wendy’s fan, you’ve got to give it to ‘em. Wendy’s wins twitter with their witty banter. So, can you be the next Wendy’s, or where should you be focusing your social media efforts? First things first, where are your customers, and what platform are they using? This should be a question you ask yourself when determining your buyer persona. So, before you go creating an account on all social media platforms, pick a couple that you believe your audience is using the most. You may have the wittiest things to say on Twitter, but if that’s not where your customers are, then it is a waste of time!

How should I be using social media?

Social media can be used in a multitude of ways, from paid advertising to sharing content. Ultimately they are all ways to reach your audience, gain engagement, and increase sales. Step one should be to determine your strategy and what your goals are. Whether it is to increase brand awareness or drive traffic to your website to increase sales, set out your goals to determine your success quickly.

It’s all about timing

Make sure you know when the best time to post your content is. When is your audience checking social media? I could have a brilliant idea for content at 3 am, but it will do nothing for my business if I post when everyone is sleeping! So instead of posting on a whim, the post should be scheduled for the time when my audience and customers are most likely to see them.

Setting the tone

Social media is all about engaging in real-time with your customers. Posts and questions should be responded to, and this is also a chance to turn a relationship around with an unhappy customer! Plus, this gives your post a higher engagement score overall.


As always, it is vital to measure your success and failures. Are you reaching more people than last month? Are more people using your brand’s hashtags, and is your business getting mentioned. There is a range of social media analytics tools to use so you can make sure the goals you set for your social media accounts are being met!

mastering monday quick tips


Here are some tips on creating the best customer experience

Use old posts

Good marketing isn’t just about reach but also about frequency! Change up the picture or the caption, but by scheduling a post to go out multiple times over a couple of weeks, you can get good coverage to your audience.

Find out what you’re doing best, and keep doing it!

What are your top-performing posts for the past couple of months, and what content was in those posts? Use that information to create and build a better social media campaign for future posts.

Foster a positive environment

Engagement is critical with social media. Answer questions and solve problems for your customers so you can turn them into repeat buyers! Show that you are not just a business, but a group of passionate people who love what you do.





Happy Monday! Have a great and productive week!

Allyce Mitchell