Oldest Bottle of Wine

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Oldest Bottle of Wine

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Wine is generally known to grow better with age. With the recent discovery of one of the oldest wine samples in northern Greece, you’d stop to wonder how good it would be if it was well-preserved enough to try. Evidence of wine being made and consumed dates back to 4200 B.C.


While these excavations only serve as remainders of wine consumption, Germany holds one of the oldest preserved bottles of wine on the planet. Dating as far back as 350 AD, this 1,650 year old bottle of wine was found buried with a Roman nobleman near Speyer, a German city, and has been on display in the Pfalz Museum for more than a century.


Relation between an old wine and its cost


The proverbial saying old is gold, defines price and quality of well-matured and aged old wines. Vintage matters a lot when dealing with luxurious top-end collectable wines, so much so that several old-aged wines stand to fetch a reasonable price at auctions or even private exhibitions. Most high priced wines hold the statuses they do based on numerous factors. True connoisseurs know how to appreciate fine wine, along with appraising it correctly as well.


Several components such as the type of vineyard, family of winery, year of vintage or even labeled name turn rare wine bottles into prized possessions. Some truly vintage and thoroughly expensive bottles sold at auctions for thousands of dollars, aren’t even consumable and only hold a place in cellars of some collectors as trophy pieces.


Vintage of a wine refers to the years for which the grapes were harvested. Years when climate is ideal, i.e. it remains cool throughout, as well as harvest is grand combine to make wines that focus on taste. The better the vintage and age of the wine, the more it costs as it tops both quality and character in body as well as texture.


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