Power Up Wednesday: Fix Your Website (Audio Edition)


Listen in as Tracy with his special guest Grand Master Stephen Oliver and others as they discuss the state of affairs with websites.

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Tracy Lee Thomas is a passionate man when it comes to helping others GROW. He is serving businesses around the country in various business and marketing strategies and tactics.

STACK Your Success

By Tracy L Thomas

Our Podcasters are excited to discuss the STACK. This information is based on a book authored by TracyLThomas.Life that covers topics on business and marketing that has positively affected business around the globe through business consulting and marketing.

STRATEGY: Strategic planning is where SUCCESS BEGINS in business and marketing.

TACTICAL: Tactical executions allow for a FOCUSED APPROACH to one’s strategy.

AUTHORITY: In a competitive world you must STAND OUT as an authority in your industry.

CHANNELS: Choosing the RIGHT MARKETING channels in your marketplace to enhance growth.

KEYS: Monitoring and Measuring success with 3 RESULT ORIENTED steps; Solution-Action-Result (SAR).


By Tracy L Thomas

When it comes to marketing, Rev Marketing over delivers. The Rev Marketing Founder, Tracy L Thomas, utilizes a SIMPLE 3-Step System with businesses that yields a high ROI. 

A book authored by TracyLThomas.Life that has helped many businesses crack their code in marketing.

VALIDATE: Cultivating social validation online to BUILD TRUST.

IMPACT: Creating a POSITIVE IMPACT by telling YOUR STORY and the CAUSES you support.

POTENTIAL: Creating potentials within a marketplace for FINANCIAL PROFITS.

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