Going Through The Oven

Unlocking the Secrets to Business at a Young Age

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About The Book

Daniel Fortenberry, a successful entrepreneur, and martial arts school owner, brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and personal experience in his latest book, designed to explain the workings of business for families. His unique upbringing in a family that creatively leveraged hobbies to supplement their income has served as the foundation of his own entrepreneurial journey and has now become a source of wisdom to share with others.

In this educational piece, Fortenberry utilizes the concept of running a cookie stand as a tangible and relatable illustration to explain the intricacies of business. His aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of business operations that children can easily grasp.

Fortenberry's mission is to empower the young generation, preparing them for a future that requires financial savviness and entrepreneurial intelligence. With his book as a guide, families can adapt and apply these business principles to a hobby or skill that is meaningful to them, fostering an environment of learning and growth for the whole family.

Going Through The Oven book cover
Daniel Fortenberry

About The Author

My name is Daniel Fortenberry. The goal of this book is to help your family understand about business. I grew up with a family that did different hobbies to generate extra income. I am now running a Taekwondo School. I want to pass on my knowledge to help your children be prepared for the future that they are going into.

I use running a cookie stand as the example in this book and go through the understanding of how a business works. This will give you a high-level understanding of business for your children to understand. Throughout the book, you can change this for the hobby or skill that resonates with you.



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