Life Stinks When Your Kid's A Jerk

Secrets To Building Respectful, Disciplined, And Happy Kids

Dwayne Flees book Life Stinks When Your Kid's A Jerk

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About The Book

"Life Stinks When Your Kid’s a Jerk" is a book that addresses the challenges parents face in raising children and shaping their behavior. The book emphasizes the importance of guiding children towards positive behaviors and instilling discipline. It highlights the need for parents to be proactive in shaping their children's behavior, as external influences can negatively impact their development.

The book discusses the positive environment provided by activities like karate, which teach discipline, self-defense, and self-confidence. It emphasizes the importance of goal setting and hard work in achieving success. The author, Dwayne L. Flees, also highlights the significance of reinforcing good behavior through rewards and privileges, rather than solely focusing on disciplining bad behavior.

The book suggests that parents should focus on creating and modeling positive behaviors rather than solely addressing specific negative behaviors. It encourages parents to teach their children accountability, responsibility, and the benefits of making good choices. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining consistency in parenting approaches and ensuring both parents are on the same page regarding acceptable behavior.

He advocates for frequent, small course corrections instead of major confrontations when disciplining children. It emphasizes the value of setting long-term goals and strategies to prevent bad behavior. The author suggests that reinforcing good behavior and acknowledging children's efforts in making positive choices are essential. By celebrating their achievements and providing positive interactions, parents can create a nurturing and fulfilling relationship with their children.

Overall, "Life Stinks When Your Kid’s a Jerk" offers guidance and strategies for parents to shape their children's behavior positively. It highlights the importance of maintaining a positive environment, setting clear expectations, and reinforcing good behavior. The book encourages parents to be proactive in their approach and to celebrate the successes and growth of their children.

Dwayne Flees

About The Author

For over 25 years Mr. Dwayne L. Flees has taught martial arts to kids, families, businesses groups and professional adults in Grand Rapids and the greater West Michigan area.

Mr. Flees is a certified instructor with KarateBuilt© Martial Arts and has specialty certifications in the Kids ‘n Power Bully Prevention & Stranger Danger Anti Abduction Training, Martial Arts for Special Needs Students (including ADHD, Autism, and many more challenges), Karate for Kids & Pre School-Martial Arts Instruction, and ​Teaching Martial Arts for the Adult population. ​Public and Private ​Schools bring Mr. Flees in to teach both children and faculty in all these programs. 

Mr. Flees also has community courses available for groups or individual personal training in Advanced Self Defense, College Campus Safety, Active Shooter Response, Home Invasion Defense and Work Place Safety.

With his Military and Law Enforcement experience Mr. Flees is passionate about building awareness about Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking with several local and national nonprofit organizations. Working alongside the therapists of the victims he teaches techniques that will empower and give them tools to build their self-worth, confidence, dignity and a chance at a fulfilling life. 



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