The Fit Barber Coach

Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance

The Fit Barber Coach book

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About The Book

This book is the story of a passion that turned into a blessing of opportunities beyond my wildest imagination.

You’ll read about how “faith, family, fitness, and finance” is the “why, what, and the how” behind everything I do in this life.

You’ll read about how there are no accidents in life, even when you think you may have just stumbled upon something. You’ll read about how I came to the reality that maybe I was already doing what I was created to do, but I just didn’t have the right perspective. You’ll read about how sometimes the things that seem the most mundane and meaningless can actually be the most fulfilling and impactful. Most importantly, you’ll find out how simple it can be to build a career or a brand that will impact many generations to come, even for the most uneducated and average person.

Why am I here? What should I be doing with my life? How can I do what seems impossible? These questions are at the core of our existence, but how often do we talk about them with our friends or family? Maybe this book will be a catalyst for change in the world or maybe just inspire one person to pursue a dream. Perhaps it may just spark a meaningful conversation amongst friends while sitting around a campfire. Either way, it’s just a story of an average kid that found identity, purpose, and joy from “the gift’ that was right in his face for so many years. The Barber Chair.

The Fit Barber Coach book
Jared Hesse

About The Author

Became a Licensed Master Barber Teacher in 2014. Have trained over 20 apprentice barbers.

Married 23 years, have a daughter and son. Started barbering in 1995, opened my first shop with a partner in 1999. We still have 2 locations called Diamond Cutz Barber Shop.

I also am the Head Football Coach for a local Middle School. This will be my third year coaching there and I enjoy it and am passionate about raising boys in to strong men.



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