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The Hero's Journey Book by Marty Callahan

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About The Book

This book is about the need for our young people to embark on their own Hero’s Journey and make an impact on their world. It is the first of three. It is the start of an exciting and fulfilling life filled with high adventure. This Journey will do many things for your child: it will help them find meaning, give them a sense of identity, make them feel secure, help them to create order out of chaos, help them to feel competent, give them something greater than themselves to belong to, and give them the freedom to take their life in whatever direction they want it to go. What more could you give your child? But for this to happen, you must recognize the significance of this journey. The world is becoming increasingly chaotic every day and for your child to do well they need all the help and guidance they can get. The best guidance comes in a form of an adventure that will make them into the best person they can be. The Hero’s Journey will do that for them. I urge you to start your child on this great journey, now. You will never regret doing it and in time your child will be immensely grateful for it.

The Hero's Journey Book by Marty Callahan
Marty Callahan

About The Author

Marty Callahan has spent his life understanding and improving the lives of students both young and old. His passion led to the founding of the Shotokan Karate Leadership School® in Santa Rosa, CA in 1981 with a dream to awaken the extraordinary leader in his students. Having inspired, taught, coached, supported and trained over 15,000 students in 40,000 classes in Santa Rosa, Marty has become Sonoma County’s preeminent martial arts leadership instructor. His students, hundreds of whom have gone on to become leaders in their chosen fields, appreciate his engaging, student-centered approach to teaching and they believe you will too. He is an 8th Degree Black Belt and a graduate of the prestigious Japan Karate Association Instructor Training Program. For him karate is not merely a sport but a martial art whose aim is the harmonizing of mind and body for balance, strength, perseverance and patience – for total confidence and self-mastery.



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