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You Have a New Website, Now What?

So you have a new website, and you are probably wondering what to do next. While the possibilities are endless, the highest value that you can get right out of the gate is to inform your current clients. This will add much-needed traffic to your site as well as increase your time on site score. It is a good idea to post a message on your social media pages to let people know to check out your new content.

You might even want to do a giveaway on Facebook for people who like and share your post. This will allow your followers not only to visit your newly developed site, but it will also get them to share your new site with their friends, which can lead to new business and new prospects.

It is also crucial that you look at any place where your URL may need to be updated. If you are updating your website on its current URL (this is the preferred method), then you can ignore this part. When your new site launches, it is a good idea to keep track of the number of leads you have coming in that first month. While not every month is the same, you can get a general idea of how your website is going to perform after 30 days.

From here, schedule a time to go over these numbers with your marketing company. At Rev Marketing, we reach out to all of our clients at the 30-day mark to discuss performance and other options for increasing lead volume. Updating your website is an essential part of staying relevant in search engines, so it is a good idea to do an update every two years or so. With that said, make sure you are doing your part in your online marketing, because today it is not enough to have a website, you have to use it as a tool for your customers.