It’s that time of year again, the football season is once again coming to a glorious close. But not before the biggest game of the year! Whether your team is in it or not, you know you will watch the Super Bowl. This final game features the best teams, best players, the best halftime show, […]

No!… Or not at the speed you want? Rev Marketing 2 U and Tracy Lee Thomas will help you perfect a system. We will show you… Page one results and how it works What DRIVES people to BUY from you What OTHER marketing companies don’t want you to know Our marketing strategist will help you! […]

Once upon a time, a business planted an online seed, that seed began to grow over optimized time. First by growing links, stretching far and strong across social and local sites. As the links kept growing, and the business kept blogging the seed, the seed began to rise up into the search engine rankings as […]

“It’s here, finally after all the buzz” “I can’t wait to see it” If you have watched TV, gone on Facebook (any Social Media really) or even talked to a group of friends – you have definitely heard about the new Star Wars movie. What they have done so successfully is create a following; not […]