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It’s that time of year again, the football season is once again coming to a glorious close. But not before the biggest game of the year! Whether your team is in it or not, you know you will watch the Super Bowl. This final game features the best teams, best players, the best halftime show, and the best commercials! Continue reading

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An Organic Christmas

Rev Marketing 2 U organic

Once upon a time, a business planted an online seed, that seed began to grow over optimized time. First by growing links, stretching far and strong across social and local sites. As the links kept growing, and the business kept blogging the seed, the seed began to rise up into the search engine rankings as a tree grows into the sky. Higher and higher, bigger and bigger the business kept growing, season after season, producing money leaf and money leaf, providing services to the entire community. Brandishing it’s name for all the online town to see. And, in this metaphor, money does grow on trees.

The seed is not sold at home and garden stores but right here at Rev Marketing where we build websites 4 U and give them 2 U to use. Just like any other seed if left alone … nothing will happen, just like a plant that needs water to grow, search engines look to have the most updated and current websites on the coveted page 1 of search results. Treat just right and it too may in turn treat you! Be kind to your business and it will be kind to you. Certain areas will need grooming, which may need some educating and well, we at Rev Marketing 2 U do that too. Just as millions of people all over the world display a tree in December and decorate all fancy, you too can decorate your business with marketing sites of plenty. Then and maybe just then money may grow from your business tree!

With that I leave you and wish you and your family the merriest of holidays, and a safe New Years.


Rev Marketing 2 U

Did you hear the news?!

Rev Marketing 2 U creating buzz

“It’s here, finally after all the buzz” “I can’t wait to see it” If you have watched TV, gone on Facebook (any Social Media really) or even talked to a group of friends – you have definitely heard about the new Star Wars movie. What they have done so successfully is create a following; not just a cult following, it is bigger. Yes, they have an amazing set of writers producers and directors all leading the actors into cinema history. They also have millions and millions in advertising and merchandising revenue. How does this relate to your business? Well maybe not on the same scale, but the process is the same. Offer a great product or service and you too will create a buzz and see increasing revenue.

Word of mouth, referrals, and other small ways of getting your business out there surely will have an impact. What you really need is to conquer the online front. In the same passion that the jedi’s use to fight the sith, you must use in your business. There are always options for you if you find it increasingly more difficult, Rev Marketing 2 U proudly serves small businesses, multi location businesses, even e-commerce business on a variety of fronts. We offer excellent service such as Search Engine Optimized websites, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing, Call tracking, local powerlistings and many more!

You may not reach the global market like Star Wars continue to do, odds of that happening are miniscule, but what you can’t afford to do is nothing. Offer your services far and wide within your market and you will see results. The year is quickly coming to a close, let us finish strong and make it great, bring in the holidays and the new year with and new strategy and better business with Rev Marketing 2 U!