FREE Business Blueprint for 2022

Tracy Thomas:

Hey, welcome everyone. This is Tracy Thomas and Greg Moody from RevTalks. And we’re here to talk about what we can do to help you get your free Blueprint for 2022, as far as business planning for next year. And we’re kind of excited about it. And, hopefully, everybody had a great Thanksgiving. Greg and I are excited to be here. And we’re just ready to make sure you guys get everything set in place for 2022. Greg, any information you want to put out here before we get started?

Greg Moody:

Well, you’re going to refer to the article that you just read in the Harvard Business Review, but what we really work with all of our people, all of our clients, both on the online marketing side, but on our consulting side, and everybody with, is to have a big planning session or a big thought process going through for the end of 2021, or the end of any year, really, so that they’re going on to 2022. And what’s really kind of mind-boggling is, is that a lot of people are not planning. A lot of business owners are not planning for 2022. And it’s crazy because 2022 is going to be unlike 2021 in every conceivable way. 2021 was this post-pandemic, crazy kind of vaccine change, all this kind of stuff, post-election, all this stuff was happening.

 And 2022 is going to be so different from 2021 that you’ve got to be ready for it. And you can’t be ready for it in January. It’s the height of madness to be thinking about your 2022 at the beginning of the year. You’ve got to plan this in… It’s the end of November right now, as we’re talking after Thanksgiving, you’ve got to at least be planning this in December for a big launch in January. And it’s got to happen now, so that, hopefully, you guys have a good holiday season. You don’t have to think about it so much.

Tracy Thomas:

Yeah. Great talking points there. Greg, last time we talked about what we see coming in 2022 in the last podcast. And with keeping that in mind, everybody, for all listeners out there, it’s really important that what Greg was just saying. Identifying what you need to do for next year is important. From Harvard Business Reviews to Forbes, to all these different companies out there you’re reading, they do all the research on this and it’s accurate data. And what they’re showing is 87% of small businesses are not prepared for the following year with a plan. That means 87% of you out there, right now, don’t actually have a plan. You’re doing business the same way you did it last year.

You’ve always been in business. Some of you are very successful what you do. You’re all successful in some way, correct? But what are you doing? What you can do by having a plan in place, it can really help your profit and growth margins just blow up, basically, in the following year especially. I mean, look at the companies right now around the world, which companies grew during the pandemic, during COVID, over the last couple years? And these aren’t just companies that are big oil companies out there, everybody’s talking about right now currently in the news.

But these are small companies that were tiny companies that just grew, just simply because they’re planning. They had a vision of what they could do to get ahead during COVID and not take advantage of people, not take advantage of the pandemic, but actually help people out. People need more help than ever before during the pandemic and the people that jumped on it, and we’re one of those companies that jumped on that because we want to help people out as much as we can across the business industries.   So, Greg, anything you want to add to jump in? I’m super excited about this goal setting for 2022 here.


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